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O2 raingear vs DriDucks
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Dennis Park
(dpark) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
O2 raingear vs DriDucks on 07/16/2013 22:15:36 MDT Print View

The websites indicate that both are made of polypropylene. Are these essentially the same products? Is one more durable?

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: O2 raingear vs DriDucks on 07/16/2013 23:15:35 MDT Print View


The O2 Rain gear is generally considered more durable than the DriDucks.

I have an O2 Rain Gear top and bottom, but have yet to use it in the rain.

I have seen it in action with my friend, Jeremy, on a trip we took together with 1 day of rain.

O2 Rain Gear works, but I would hate to see how "less" durable the DriDucks are, given how easily the O2 Rain Gear can be damaged.

Sitting on rocks or a fallen tree can wear down the surface layer of the O2 Rain gear.

Long term use over multiple days, I would expect that duct tape patching would be required.

I am currently looking for a more durable and light weight replacement.

I think that the O2 Rain Gear is fine for the Sierra afternoon showers, maybe others can tell if it holds up well in constant rain, like the Pacific North West.

The positive about both of these is that they are cheap, light, and are supposed to be breathable.

Anyway, hope that this helps.


Barry P
(BarryP) - F

Locale: Eastern Idaho (moved from Midwest)
Re: O2 raingear vs DriDucks on 07/17/2013 10:06:13 MDT Print View

“Are these essentially the same products? Is one more durable?”

I have both. For durability, they both behave the same and wear slightly faster than your high end brands. However, if you’re careful (which I typically am with my light gear) they can last several trips. I make sure I don’t snag them.

I prefer the 02 over the DriDucks because I sweat more in DriDucks. 02 figured out how to make their weave much more breathable. From another perspective, the DriDucks is a better wind jacket than the 02.

I think they make a nice pillow when they’re bunched up and a towel is placed over it.

I love how waterproof they are but for the last couple of years I haven’t been taking them as much since I’ve adored my umbrella. It’s faster to whip out and offers better large hail protection (which happened to me for 4 hours in the Tetons two weekends ago).

Good luck in rainwear,
-The mountains were made for Tevas

Renais A
O2 is comfortable on 07/17/2013 11:39:51 MDT Print View

I much prefer the O2 gear to the DriDucks for several reasons. I find that the O2 gear is so breathable that I am able to wear it without worrying about sweating even if I am moving fairly quickly. I also prefer the feel of the O2 items against my skin: they feel more like regular clothing, and less like the plastic feel of the DriDucks. I am gentle with my O2 gear (and other gear as well), but do not try to baby it. I've sat on rocks with the pants, and not seen negative impacts from doing this occasionally. Another significant difference I note is that the DriDucks seem to split at the seams fairly easily, something I do not see with the O2. Part of the splitting issue may be that they stick to the skin more, so they may not move with you as well.