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Sell me on your favorite DUO sized tent
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Dave Jenkins
(Jinx667) - M

Locale: SoCal
Sell me on your favorite DUO sized tent on 07/14/2013 06:23:26 MDT Print View

I am in the market for a DUO sized tent, and just wanted some input from the folks here.

I use a cuben Lightheart Solo now and really love it, but I need something with plenty of room for two.

Right now I am really looking at the Lightheart Duo Wedge, especially since it seems they will be made int he States again.

I have also considered a Hexamid Twin.

Any other options that could topple either of those?


And E
(LunchANDYnner) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
tarp tent on 07/14/2013 12:51:31 MDT Print View

I just ordered a TarpTent Double Rainbow. Double doors, room for two, and only 41oz (for a dual entry shelter) made in Seattle. Can't wait to try it out. Are you looking to stick with cuben?

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David Noll
(dpnoll) - MLife

Locale: Maroon Bells
favorite Duo sized tent on 07/14/2013 13:03:10 MDT Print View

My wife and I have a Six Moons Design Haven which we really like. Two doors with vestbules and the silnylon version weighs 36.625 oz seam sealed with stakes. Ron also has a cuben version available.

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Thaddaeus Wharton
(Thadjw) - MLife
Zpacks Hexamid duo on 07/14/2013 13:06:49 MDT Print View

Super light (11oz for tent) with space and stability in the wind. Well made and customer service is great with Joe.

Thoughts on zpacks?

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
My 2 person tent choice on 07/14/2013 13:38:23 MDT Print View

A TT Scarp 2 - but for different reasons.

I wanted a ripstop inner for 4 season and I knew I could modify the Scarp 2 for winter and make it nearly bombproof. (See my post for photos in the Winter Hiking page.)

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Sell me on your favorite DUO sized tent on 07/14/2013 16:53:16 MDT Print View

if you use trekking poles , the TT StratoSpire 2 offers a lot more space than the DR for about the same weight.
Particularly good for ventilation option as well as in the rain (loads of protected space. Mind you we can cook here inside the tent...)

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Jennifer Mitol
(Jenmitol) - M

Locale: In my dreams....
Re: Sell me on your favorite DUO sized tent on 07/14/2013 17:30:40 MDT Print View

Franco I was actually going to recommend the Stratospire 2 as well. I am super impressed with the one-person model, I can only imagine that the duo version is doubly awesome.

I just can't believe how much space there is in there, and I love the vestibules. Not sure what happened to me, but I find that I really, really like vestibule space.

Jeffrey McConnell
Another TT SS2 fan on 07/14/2013 18:40:11 MDT Print View

I just ordered the Stratospire 2. I was going back and forth between that and the Hexamid twin. While weight is important, the dual entry, head space, and ability to remove the inner won it over for me.

Stuart .
(lotuseater) - F

Locale: Colorado
SS2 on 07/14/2013 18:42:37 MDT Print View

The Stratospire 2 is the largest 2P shelter I've come across. The inner tent is very generous for two, and can be tweaked for three in a pinch. Each vestibule can house a 70lb dog with ease. That's the upside. The downside is it has a footprint somewhere between the Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 and the GoLite Shangri La 5. It's not a wee shelter.

If I had to hole up for a few days during nasty weather in a shelter with another person and a dog, the SS2 would get my vote outside winter.

Edited by lotuseater on 07/14/2013 18:45:21 MDT.

Dave Jenkins
(Jinx667) - M

Locale: SoCal
Good input so far! on 07/15/2013 05:00:48 MDT Print View

Thanks guys, I will take a look at the TT for sure.

I am not married to getting another cuben shelter, but I admit I am spoiled on the rain performance and lack of sag. But if I can find a lightweight, good performing SilNy then that option is on the table for sure.

I have been a big fan of Joe's work and the Hexamid Twin is def a contender. The LH solo just beat out the Hexamid for my personal tent.

I wrote Judy and the LH Duos will not be US made until next year, so that may take them out of the running. I know the overseas thing does not bother some, but I am currently sitting in Afghanistan on deployment and, darn it, I reckon I want a US made shelter. I like buying what I can that is US made. I may change my mind, but it takes that tent off the top of my list.

I do use trekking poles and would rather use a shelter that does not require carrying more poles.

Thanks so far and keep the inputs coming!

Edited by Jinx667 on 07/15/2013 06:49:51 MDT.

Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
hexamid twin on 07/15/2013 06:43:36 MDT Print View

Thaddaeus Wharton,
The Twin is not 11 oz.... I'm not sure how you got that number.

Per Zpacks website:
Grand Total for a tent w/ extended beak, seam tape, guy lines, stuff sack, groundsheet, and 10x stakes (everything) is 21.6 ounces.

Groundsheet is required. I couldn't imagine not having the beak.

My twin setup (cuben ground cloth) is 22.8 oz plus 1.51 oz for stakes.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
SMD Cuben Haven on 07/15/2013 07:31:10 MDT Print View


my wife and I are using the SMD Haven in Cuben. It has two doors and uses trekking poles. The tarp tent itself is just 10 oz. If you decide to add a Nettent to it, you end up with a double walled two-person tent for a little over 1.5 lbs. You can find some photos here

We have used it last year on the JMT, I have used it on the SHR and during the TGO. Next week we will take it again for two weeks to the Sierra. My wife and I are very happy with it.


Sara Marchetti
(smarchet) - MLife
Re: Sell me on your favorite DUO sized tent on 07/15/2013 10:05:14 MDT Print View

Well, if you are going to a Stratospire, why not a few more ounces for a Rainshadow 2? The Rainshadow is a palace! I highly recommend it if you desire space OR have a dog.

Tom D.
(DaFireMedic) - M

Locale: Southern California
Re: SMD Cuben Haven on 07/15/2013 13:08:21 MDT Print View

"my wife and I are using the SMD Haven in Cuben. It has two doors and uses trekking poles. The tarp tent itself is just 10 oz. If you decide to add a Nettent to it, you end up with a double walled two-person tent for a little over 1.5 lbs. You can find some photos here

We have used it last year on the JMT, I have used it on the SHR and during the TGO. Next week we will take it again for two weeks to the Sierra. My wife and I are very happy with it.


Manfred, what were your impressions of the Haven in the thunderstorms last year on the JMT. Any concerns? Also, did you use a groundsheet? I am looking for a duo cuben shelter as well and I know you rode out some heavy rain in this one (cuz I saw


Dean F.
(acrosome) - MLife

Locale: Back in the Front Range
A pyramid fanboy chimes in... on 07/17/2013 04:28:59 MDT Print View

I've become a 'mid convert. See:

But see also Skurka's discussion in his book. My current solo tent is a DuoMid, and the only thing that has remotely tempted me to stray is the TrailStar.

But about you:

My non-solo tent right now is a silnylon SuperMid. It's a stupendous palace for two, at less than 30oz seal-sealed. For three it's very roomy. It's quite "cozy" for four full-sized (ahem) adults, but is well within reason. It is surely big enough for two chubby adults plus a dog plus being able to cook inside and still have room to stow your gear and to change clothes while under cover from the weather without being double-jointed.

If you use trekking poles the SpeedMid has the same square footage as the SuperMid but is low enough to use a trek pole as the center pole (with a pole-jack or a rock under it). It's also much less expensive than the SuperMid, and 8oz lighter (in silnylon). Not being as steep-sided, though, the SpeedMid doesn't shed snow quite as well. But it might be more appropriate than the SuperMid if you never anticipate using it for more than two people- it would still be a palace for them. Or Oware makes an 8'x8' cuben mid, so it's a bit smaller than the 8.5'x8.5' MLD mids.

I personally have no issues with floorless tents, and I use a 5.5oz bivy instead of a groundsheet. It also keeps the bugs off if needed, and the snakes/wombats/pinnipeds out of your bag while you sleep.

Some people can't stand the center-pole thing, and I'll be honest and say that to me this like an outward sign of some sort of deep-seated psychological issue for them. Or something. (But in all seriousness, maybe I just don't get it because I'm not one of the center-pole haters. That center-poles drive some other people batty is a source of near-endless amusement for me.)

Mids are ridiculously simple to erect. They handle snow well. When closed they offer walls in all directions to deal with blowing variable rain. Fully guyed they shed wind nigh-effortlessly. With the door open you still get the great views (and great ventilation). You can pitch them high for ventilation, or low to inhibit rain spray or drifting show. You can pitch them over a snow pit in winter. They are very multifunctional- IMNSHO if you can only own one shelter it should be a 'mid.

They are also very practical in cuben, since you seem to have a cuben fetish. (Though I think the SpeedMid is silnylon only.) The Hexamid is ALMOST a 'mid, so I'd back you up on that one if you like it, but I'm a believer in keeping things roomy (especially with a female involved). Personally I'd get a floorless true 'mid, but the Hexamid is profanely light...

Edited by acrosome on 07/17/2013 04:54:57 MDT.

Dave Jenkins
(Jinx667) - M

Locale: SoCal
Great replies on 07/17/2013 09:55:12 MDT Print View

Dean, that is a heck of a reply, but I am still a fan of having a floor.

I took a look at the Stratospire, and that looks promising. Not too heavy and a lot of space for me the GF and the dogs if we decide to bring them.

If anyone else has any ideas, but all means keep them coming!

Matt Purnell

Locale: Brisbane
SMD Haven in Cuben on 07/17/2013 16:51:18 MDT Print View

I chose it over the Stratospire 2 because it looked more simple to put up. It is simple to put up. Takes 5 minutes. Very happy with it. Haven't tried it in dodgy weather. Small footprint. I have the nettent. The floor width is small. Just get two 20 inch wide mats in there and it's a good thing my hiking buddy is a good friend. Length is good though and I'm 6'4". One issue for me is the stand-off height of the tarp from the ground. To me it's quite large (~5 inches ) at the recommended pole length. If I decrease the pole length, then the inner starts touching the fly. I feel that in heavy rain there might be a fair bit of splatter getting on the inner.

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Another Vote for the StratoSpire 2 on 07/17/2013 17:11:43 MDT Print View

I just spent the last four nights in a SS2, and I couldn't be more impressed. It's very easy to set up, and the ability to leave the inner attached meant that we were up and down in just a few minutes.

I will admit, the first 3-4 times, pitching took some thinking. After that, it became almost automatic. Once you get Henry's design down, it is a very fast shelter to pitch--almost as fast as my Duomid.

And the space--wow! For two guys with fishing and hiking gear, it doesn't get better. We could both move around and take care of things all at the same time without bumping into each other. So far, the large footprint has been a plus, not a problem. I had no problem finding places to pitch.