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SUL Pack Ideas
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Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
SUL Pack Ideas on 07/11/2013 10:43:43 MDT Print View

My GF currently uses a ULA CDT.
She loves it. However, in the summer, we don't carry much stuff and the pack is simply to big (Medium Torso). The items in the main pocket do not even come up past the straps.
She doesn't carry a tent, or a stove, so her base weight is probably under 5 lbs. She generally doesn't carry more than 1 liter of water, or more than 3 days worth of food.

She wants a new frameless pack that is light weight and small enough to properly pack. We tried a GG Murumur, but it didn't fit her properly. She is 5'9" and slender. It just seemed like her shoulders didn't fill out the pack.

I'm thinking of having her try a MLD burn, size small. What are some other similar packs that we could try? Must be frameless and under 16 oz.

under 16 oz.
mesh pocket
water bottle pocket on each side
Hip belt
Hip belt pockets would be nice
No cuben

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Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Z on 07/11/2013 10:57:01 MDT Print View


Could try a small Zpacks Zero. I just got one in hybrid cuben with two side pockets and lashing on the back - 7 ozs. Long torso model. I do like the fit of a ULA pack better between the two.


Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: SUL Pack Ideas on 07/11/2013 11:01:44 MDT Print View

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack? Under 10 oz. About 20L. Awesome WP fabric.

Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
zero on 07/11/2013 11:02:46 MDT Print View

I thought about that already.
She doesn't want a Cuben pack.
What is Cuben hybrid?

Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack on 07/11/2013 11:07:04 MDT Print View

I suppose I should clarify. It needs to have mesh and water bottle holders.
Hip belt pockets would be nice, but not required.

Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Hybrid on 07/11/2013 11:09:30 MDT Print View

Similar fabric to the HMG David mentioned. It is a polyester fabric laminated to cuben fiber. The cuben goes to the inside. Light, durable and waterproof. Check out the Zpacks website for pics.


Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
zero on 07/11/2013 11:12:33 MDT Print View

I suppose that material would work.
However, by the time I got done adding all the features (hip belt, water bottle pockets, mesh to the zero, I think it'd be over $200.

I'm not sure I want to get her a $200 custom pack that she may not even like. Plus the lead time is over a month.

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Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Re: zero on 07/11/2013 11:23:16 MDT Print View

True, it does add up. If there are any other restrictions like no cuben, must be less than "X" amount, and no wait times now would be the time to put them in your OP.

P.S. - wait time on the Burn will be over a month.


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Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack on 07/11/2013 11:23:59 MDT Print View

You can get a front pocket for the Summit Pack that is removable but there is no padded hipbelt and hipbelt pockets.

What about the Golite Jam 35? Heavy at 1 lb,8 oz but is feature rich and built with dyneema gridstop. The newest version has a very good hipbelt and suspension for a frameless pack.

Cornelius Jaeger
(sweetenough) - MLife
huckepäckchen on 07/11/2013 13:37:24 MDT Print View

check out the huckepäckchen or HPc
it is hands down the most beautiful pack made.
just amazing attention to detail, any part can be customized, comes in quite an array of materials and color. the shoulder straps are especially well made.
the size medium fits me perfectly, i'm 5'8" but have a long torso ( short legs )

Chad B
(CenAZwalker) - F

Locale: Southwest
Borah Gear on 07/11/2013 13:39:20 MDT Print View

I know John is working on a smaller (35L?) version of the Stealth pack. You could contact him and see when he thinks it may be ready to be released to the public. I'm guessing it will be quite similar to a Burn. And I know it will be cheaper and faster.

Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
hugepack on 07/11/2013 14:38:10 MDT Print View

The hugepack is about $278. plus shipping!

I spoke with John from Borah in early June. He told me their seamstress moved away and they had to train a new one.
Now, on his website under the Stealth, it says "Currently sold out. Please check back later :)"

Edited by NateB123 on 07/11/2013 14:45:03 MDT.

Kevin Schneringer
(Slammer) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma Flat Lands
Training on 07/11/2013 16:23:20 MDT Print View

Borah -still training a seamstress.

I spoke with John last week as I have a Stealth on order with him.
He is training some people but he did mention the "smaller" pack.

Wondering if he is not sewing those himself for small production.
Worth a call I would think.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Zero on 07/11/2013 17:06:46 MDT Print View

I think you'd be hard pressed to get to $200 for a custom cuben hybrid Zero. $130-$150 gets you a decently equipped pack last time I checked.

Eli Zabielski
(ezabielski) - F

Locale: Boulder, CO
MLD Burn on 07/12/2013 12:08:23 MDT Print View

I have the MLD Burn.

It's beautiful, and I think it will meet all your needs. You can get hip belt pockets as an addon.

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Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
burn on 07/12/2013 13:25:07 MDT Print View

Yes, I'm thinking we'll try it next.
One thing I don't like about it is how narrow the shoulder straps are.
The murmur has nice, wide straps. sigh...
I hope I can find a small burn used.