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bear spray AND gun used in bear encounter
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David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Bears: Use noise. And maybe spray. But not meat. on 07/19/2013 19:34:41 MDT Print View

I was catching up on the local newspaper from last month (AP June 18, 2013):

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says a black bear that mauled a man at a campground north of Anchorage won't likely threaten other people.

Spokesman Ken Marsh told the Anchorage Daily News the bear was "pretty much goaded" into the attack Saturday near Eklutna Lake Campground because the man fed it meat from a church barbecue. He may be charged with illegally feeding wildlife, The Associated Press reported.

Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Beth Ipsen says the man had been drinking and went for a bike ride, taking some of the food along. He came across the bear and threw it a piece of meat. When he offered the bear another piece, it attacked.

Park rangers later found the bloodied man washing himself off at the campground, Marsh said.

"He wasn't terribly coherent," he said. "He was unsure of where the attack actually happened."

The man was treated for punctures wounds and scratches at an Anchorage hospital. His name was not immediately released.

Authorities are still trying to sort out what happened, Ipsen said. There were no witnesses to the attack and the man struggled to convey what had happened when a trooper spoke with him at the hospital, she said.

A state biologist sent to the scene couldn't find the bear, Marsh said. There's no indication the animal will attack others.

Biologists advise people never to feed wild animals anything.

Desert Dweller

Locale: Wild Wild West
Bear mauling on 07/20/2013 11:49:41 MDT Print View

Sorry to hear that. He's lucky he didnt end up the main course instead of just providing appitizers! Sounds like you are getting an influx of greenhorns up there that will be self educating themselves.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Bear mauling on 07/20/2013 12:09:24 MDT Print View

"Sounds like you are getting an influx of greenhorns up there that will be self educating themselves"

Nah, just chemically dependent morons. They are in all 50 states.

Daniel Pittman
(pitsy) - M

Locale: Central Texas
Re: Bears: Use noise. And maybe spray. But not meat. on 07/20/2013 14:14:16 MDT Print View

That wasn't a bear. Just some dude hiding in the woods, sniffing bath salts.

Barry P
(BarryP) - F

Locale: Eastern Idaho (moved from Midwest)
Re: bear spray AND gun used in bear encounter on 08/01/2013 17:32:12 MDT Print View

I was just reading an article about bear spray in my printed edition:

“The efficacy of spray vs. guns was the subject of my most recent paper [published last year in the The Journal of Wildlife Management]. Out of 133 encounters involving bear spray, only three people suffered injuries, which were all minor. But I found 269 incidences of gun defenses—with 17 dead people and hundreds of dead bears.

If you shoot a grizzly in the Lower 48, you’re moron of the year. Most states require you to hike out the carcass,…”

I can see why people are saying spray is the least risk.

About bear bells: I noted from the Teton park Pamphlet: “Bear bells are often not sufficient. Calling out and clapping your hands at regular intervals are better ways to make your presence known.” Plus if one of my hiking companions has bells clanging while walking, I’ll kindly ask him/her to snuff it :)

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