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inner for grace duo?
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Rick Adams
(rickadams100) - M
inner for grace duo? on 06/28/2013 11:49:45 MDT Print View

went camping last weekend with our boy scout troop @7300ft near donner summit. On the last night the weather went to hell with heavy rain and strong winds. All of my gear was soaked from wind driven rain and water flowing beneath tarp. My sil bottommed bug bivy and neo kept the flooding from entering from below. Site selection was poor but it was the best available near the boys. a much better site was 200yds away and out of sight.

Has anyone here used an innernet (serenity shelter or otherwise) that deal with wind driven rain from the front well? I think the larger frontal area of the grace duo my complicate this.

Is it time to return to my trusty but more confined double rainbow?


Nathan Lare
(cirque) - MLife
Re: inner for grace duo? on 06/28/2013 19:55:37 MDT Print View

I'll be interested to see what kind of feedback you get because I have the same question with mine. I have been working up the geometry to make a cuben "door" with the idea of using bungee and mitten clips to attach it. I would actually run it under the tarp from the clips on the front two corners up to the first clip right above the head end (not the spot where the pole goes but where you would hang a bivy). I'll probably construct a model from window film to try it out. The variable geometry based on the pitch height and height of the sides will make it interesting.

As a not take extra weight, I thought about rigging my rain jacket to serve the same purpose..

Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: inner for grace duo? on 06/28/2013 20:01:56 MDT Print View

I have a GG SpinnTwinn. My thoughts are that once you start adding things like doors and floors, then you have abandoned the point of a Tarp and are best to utilize a shelter that is already made like you want. I think your original point about site selection is the key. If you are going to be in a situation, like a group, where you may not have the benefit of site selection then perhaps the secondary shelter choice is the better bet.

Edward Z
(Fuzz) - MLife

Locale: Sunny San Diego
Bearpaw Wilderness Designs on 06/28/2013 21:19:28 MDT Print View

For my 2 cents... In my duomid, the bearpaw 1p pyranet with cuben 10" sides and cuben floor would be a bomber addition. I liked it much better than the solo innernet produced by MLD. Plus it leaves everything pole outward for quasi-vestibule cooking / woodfire camp time when not in use. It's so bomber with the cuben surround that I doubt much could get in....

Worked for me so far. Hope this helps.


Edward Z
(Fuzz) - MLife

Locale: Sunny San Diego
NM on 06/28/2013 21:19:58 MDT Print View

Thought Duomid not grace duo. Idiot.

BJ Clark
(bj.clark) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
Re: NM on 06/29/2013 06:22:01 MDT Print View

Bearpaw is still the right idea. Minimalist or net tent with front cover or solid front would work.

Rick Adams
(rickadams100) - M
thanks for the input on 06/29/2013 10:15:41 MDT Print View

1) a door could be rigged easily, a triangle(material of your choice) with mitten hooks and shock cord would do the trick

2) probably is correct to just use a tent. Sight selection almost always sucks when with the boys and distances aren't too long anyway. ultra light is great when on my own (never happens) but the load always increases with scouts, especially the new boys.

3) i kind of worry about the amount of space unblocked at the front of the tarp with a one person bearpaw or serenity, may need to myog my own.

4) or, gear swap grace and stick with tarptent

Thanks again

Steve B
(geokite) - F

Locale: Southern California
MLD Serenity Shelter on 06/29/2013 20:33:35 MDT Print View

I have a nylon MLD SS, and it has not worked out well in a situation similar to what you described (rain/wind blowing in through the opening of a A-framed tarp). Unless you pitch the tarp high, there is not enough upward pull on the door of the SS to keep it very taught; it just billows and the rain gets around the edges of the fabric door (through the netting).

I got lucky, as the thunder storm only lasted about 20-30 minutes. Had it have been an all nighter, I would have had to pack up and re-pitch the tarp another direction.

I have switched to a beaked tarp (MYOG), and hope to make a cuben version of the SS with catnary seams all over (hope that helps with the tension issue).