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UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy
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kevin campbell
(rockymtbiker) - F

Locale: Michigan
UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy on 06/24/2013 17:12:37 MDT Print View

One of the items that isn't light in my gear is my jacket, either of them. My rain jacket isn't NOR is my fleece jacket I brought last year. I'd love to get the ZPacks Waterproof Breathable Cuben Fiber Rain Jacket, at $225, I'll keep that on my dream list. For now, I'll have to work on replacing my other fleece jacket, as it is the heavier of the 2 items.

I used my fleece last summer only as night, and I'm thankful I brought it, as while it was in the upper 80s during the day, it dropped fast at night & I found it fast in the middle of the night to get me back warm in my sack!

Anyways, I'm looking for some option ideas for some sort of light, UL, or even SUL warm jacket.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy on 06/24/2013 18:11:18 MDT Print View

I'm in the same boat. I've spent a lot of time, effort, and money on/into my kit but my clothes bag is still heavier than I would like. I've taken the "buy once cry once" approach (yeah right) with my gear so I'm only upgrading to gear I perceive to be a long term solution. I'm sure I'll get it wrong here and there.

I don't hike with an insulation layer down to the 20*s. What I want it to do for me is give my sleeping bag a bit more range and for breaks & in camp.

I've narrowed my selection down to the Mont Bell EX Light Down Jacket which is 5.6oz size medium. I'm guessing size Xl or XXl will be >= 6.5oz for me which is still 10oz lighter than my fleece vest. At $200 it's certainly an investment.

For something which has decent reviews on BPL and for a fraction of the cost are the Stoic Hadron Anorak (8oz) and Cardigan (7oz). They are priced $89.50 and $63.60 respectively right now. 850 fill and DWR this seems to be an economical yet quality option. The only reason I'm not jumping on one of these options is just because I'd prefer a full zip insulating jacket.'s%5C+Clothing.Men's%5C+Jackets.Men's%5C+Down%5C+Jackets%7Cbrand%3AStoic

I’m also looking at Zpacks for my shell but that’ll probably be something I’ll wait until the fall for.

Edit: I'm from the PNW and wasn't sure that I was going to be down with down. I found a 14oz Eddie Bauer Down Cardigan on clearance for $20 and discovered that this would work well for me. You can find deals like this every year (JC Penny had some for $20 too) if you haven't used down backpacking before.

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Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy on 06/24/2013 21:35:29 MDT Print View

"I used my fleece last summer only as night"

You'd likely be better off with a down jacket or vest if its just for use at night.

Drew Jay

Locale: Central Coast
Options on 06/24/2013 21:56:11 MDT Print View

On a budget you can't beat the Stoic Hadron. For the lightest weight sleeved jacket I would go with the Montbell Ex Light. For the lightest weight period I would go with a Luke's Ultralight vest.

If you can't replace both insulation and shell this season you can always pick up a Driducks jacket to tide you over till next year. $20 and it makes a good loaner when you replace it.

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Joe Lynch
(rushfan) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
prima loft jacket from Lands End on 06/28/2013 23:30:16 MDT Print View

Lands End has a 40% off coupon now if you are on their email list. Just bought my dad their prima loft jacket for $55 shipped. My son has one and the fit is smaller than a Patagonia.

HElinTexas C
(Helintexas) - MLife
Lands end on 06/29/2013 04:01:42 MDT Print View

They still have the 40 % off going. Their stuff is really good and comes with a lifetime guarantee. I have a down puffy jacket from them that is very light and packs down to softball that I bought from them a couple of years still looks and feels new.

If you want more info on an them...they have great customer service. They gave me weights of jackets I was comparing. Plus the associate actually went and compressed my final two choices to their smallest size so I would know which was more compact. (My jacket can be squeezed into one of its pockets)

HElinTexas C
(Helintexas) - MLife
Base layers on 06/29/2013 04:06:02 MDT Print View

Also,check out their base layers as well.....great performance! Silk or polyester

Marko Botsaris
(millonas) - F - MLife

Locale: Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
Re: UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy on 06/29/2013 11:22:30 MDT Print View

If you like the idea of the zpack's cuben rain jacket, then my advice is buy Driducks. You can get just as ugly but serviceable extreme LU breathable rainwear from Driducks for $23 for a full set. Those are in fact just as durable as the cuben in $ per hour of use.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: UL/SUL options for jacket/coat thingy on 06/29/2013 13:34:31 MDT Print View

Toss the jacket concept, think systems. Until temps get below freezing I don't see any advantage to lofted gear, regardless of synthetic or down. You end up with one light but monolithic garment that really can't be used for anything else. Fleece is heavier but much more versatile and superior in wet conditions. You can always get lighter, but at the cost of functionality and sliding over to the stupid light column. At some point, you have to bite the bullet on clothing weight, but that doesn't mean giving up on a coordinated system that is warm and breathable and can be worn in many combinations.

I don't see the point in the existing SUL rain shells-- too expensive, too fragile, typically weak on venting options and a trim fit making them less breathable and giving less coverage. Rain gear needs really vary by region and climate. You can get away with some very minimal stuff in dryer areas where you might deal with an occasional shower. It becomes radically different when considering wearing a rain shell all day or several days in a row.

Rain gear options:
Poncho (rain gear, pack cover AND emergency shelter) 7oz or less
DriDucks, weights vary with type. 6-12oz?
2.5 layer rain shells, 12-16oz

Windshirt, 4oz or less
Fleecy mid-layers: Patagonia R1 or Power Stretch, 10-14oz, or vests in the 8-10oz range
Base layers: silkweight on up to Cap 3, 5-10oz

Josh Garst
jacket on 06/30/2013 09:24:23 MDT Print View

For fair weather three season warmth I find the lightest way to go is to wear your sleeping bag/quilt under an over sized rain jacket(I use a cheap dri-duck, works great). It's gotta hit the upper 30's for me to consider bringing an extra layer. I use a older hoodless version of the Stoic Hadron as my main warmth from loft in colder conditions. I'd highly recommend it.