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PCT Section Hiking Northbound with young kids.... advice please
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Edward Z
(Fuzz) - MLife

Locale: Sunny San Diego
PCT Section Hiking Northbound with young kids.... advice please on 06/24/2013 13:51:52 MDT Print View


I've gained mountains of knowledge from all of you here and I am very grateful. Perhaps you can help me firm up some ideas.

I'm looking to take 3 kids, ages 12,10,8 on weekend (3 day) to week long trips up the PCT from San Diego and to section hike as a long term strategy. As we get farther north, the younger kids will be older and will start to join in.

I am blessed to have a family of educators and my kids are being home schooled and thus have ultimate freedom for schedules... I was going to work in a number of principles to make these section hikes educational and informative in addition to just plain fun. I have a buy off from the wife and am looking to start this summer/fall. These girls have all done trips in excess of 10 miles in a day and are excited backpackers. This would be geography/science/PE etc all rolled into one with a long term eye on the map northward.

Questions -

Reference logistics, I'm assuming I'd need to arrange with another like minded dad/mom so we have a shuttle friendly arrangement .... Advice needed on this aspect of section hiking... (Especially once we get more than an hour or two away from home in a vehicle)...

Safety - I know there are a lot of paranoid folks out there, of which I'm not one... but still a concern. Not wildlife safety but human safety...(I am a LE officer and do carry at all times ... please no opinions on this).... But is this a good idea with the kids? (Insert wife's voice with question mark)

Enjoyment - I have had many successful trips with these awesome kids... I know how to keep a day fun and they seem really interested.... do you think this idea will continue to be fun for a group this age?

Lastly- Has anyone done something like this? I know of balls and sunshine etc... but for the weekend warrior has anyone attempted this ? I wish there were two of me to drive 2 cars but alas! No such luck...


Thanks so much.... I am REALLY excited about this but I want to make sure I'm not filling my dream on their backs... lol. (They really do seem excited to go and to plan)


Ed and family.

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