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Reggie Garrett
(regarrett) - M

Locale: Lost in the mountains
CDT List on 06/22/2013 17:56:11 MDT Print View

I'm heading out for 7 days on the Colorado CDT. It used to be my backyard but now I have to travel 16 hours to get there. Waa waa.

Instead of trying to be the lightest guy on the trail, I only wanted to have my base weight at 10 lbs. I missed that by just over 1 oz. I've also decided to not plan how far I'm going each day or where I'll camp each day. Instead, I'm just going to do what feels right. That may mean a nap at 2:00 PM, or set up camp at noon and enjoy the views and just contemplate life for a while. Planning the trip this way was a challenge for me. I am driven by schedules & minute and second hands, and am very competitive. Even on my solo trips I find a way to compete with myself on something. Argh!!!!

So, this trip is all about just kicking back and relaxing and doing what feels right at the time. Minimum distance I'll do is 75 over 5 full days and 2 half days.

My gear list and weights are attached. Each piece was weighed more than once on my scale. All straps have been cut as short as possible. Auqamira drops have been counted out to the drop. Dinner will be my only hot meal. My stove/cook kit set up is a Trail Designs Ti-Tri with an Evernew .6 Titanium pot. Stove is a Zelph Starlyte Modified. Poles are G.O.L.D. Gear.

Clothes I'm wearing are Khul Revolver pants, Darn Tough 1/4 socks, GoLite long sleeve pullover top, Tilley hat, and shoes are La Sportiva Sandstones.

If it wasn't for the beacon, I'd be under my 10 lb limit. But, my wife is so much more comfortable with me carrying the beacon. So, I carry it and by doing so get to go on more trips.

I drive out Wednesday afternoon. Simply put, I can't wait.

Well, I had to edit it because my spacing in the list didn't work right. First number are grams, second numbers are oz, and 3rd numbers are pounds.

Many regards,

grams oz lbs
Pack ULA Ohm 770 27.14 1.70
Sit pad Ridge Rest piece 38 1.34 0.084
Tent MLD Duomid/stakes 742 26.15 1.63
Sleeping Bag Katabatic Gear Palisade 508 17.90 1.12
Sleeping Pad Gossamer Gear Nightlight 218 7.68 0.48
Rain suit REI Ultralight
and GoLite Reed 493 17.37 1.09
Groundcloth Tyvek 70 2.47 0.15
Personal kit meds, toothbrush 83 2.93 0.18
Sanitation TP & Hand gel 40 1.41 0.09
Sun Protection Sunscreen and lip balm 34 1.20 0.07
1st Aid 1st Aid, Tape, Knife 70 2.47 0.15
Navigation Map and compass 61 2.15 0.13
Lighting Freedom Photons 29 1.02 0.06
Wind shirt Marmot Ion 154 5.43 0.34
Cook Kit Caldera Ti-Tri & bottle 242 8.53 0.53
Cup Medifast 16 oz 44 1.55 0.10
Water container Evernew x 2 57 2.01 0.13
Water container Smartwater 34 1.20 0.075
Emergency Beacon (ACR) 159 5.60 0.35
Aquamira Drops for 7 days 63 2.22 0.14
Socks Darn Tough / Zulus 129 4.55 0.28
Insulation Stoic Hadron Cardigan,
Black Rock beanie, gloves 281 9.90 0.62
Recreation journal/pen/Bible 92 3.24 0.20
Camera Canon Elph, spare battery,
memory cards 168 5.92 0.37
BASE WEIGHT 4579 161.37 10.09

Food 7 days 4697 165.53 10.35
Fuel 7 days 227 8.00 0.50

Edited by regarrett on 06/22/2013 17:59:01 MDT.