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Summer Sierra / Lost Coast List
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Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Summer Sierra / Lost Coast List on 06/15/2013 16:29:53 MDT Print View

So here we go, revised and temporary, for a couple of short trips coming up weighed it all on luggage scale with water bottles and got 6.9 lbs. Higher than hoped, but light-ish, right?

Carry (14.5 oz.)

Zpacks Zero (w/ options and zimmer and ZP shoulder pox) - 9.1 with sitlight pat from GG
Water (1 2L. platy, 1 .5 platy, 1 recycled bottle - 4.2
Food/Bear Bag (Zimmerbuilt cuben day pack) - 1.2*
BV 450 [for Lost Coast only takes total to 9.9] - 32

Sleep: (25.7)

EE 40* Quilt with overstuff - 16.1
TAR Neo Air Short - 9
Kooka Bay Pillow - 1.6

Shelter (23.7)

MLD Simple Silnylon Poncho (M) - 8.5 (incl. stuff sack)
Borah Bivy (side zip M90 with head netting) - 7.1 (incl. stuff sack)
Oookworks Bathtub Floor (20x84) - 3.8
Stakes (four Easton Nano, 4 shepherds, EMC Snow/trowel in cuben stuff sack) - 2.8
guy lines, line locks, poncho waist belt (1.5)

Clothing Carried (26.9)

Stoic Windshirt (M) - 2.4
Golite Trunk Wind Pants (S) - 5.2
Patagonia Down Shirt (M) - 5.2
HH meino long underwear pants + shirt - 12
Possum Down Gloves - 1.4
Zpacks Beanie - .9
Darn Tough Pair No. 2 for sleep - 1.9

First Aid/Repair/Misc. (4.7)

Bitty bag with head net, first aid/repair kit, and hygene - 1.8
Compass (Swedish Siva Starter & Map) - 1.9
headlamp (BD Ion) - 1

Kitchen (9.6)

Heineken Pot/StarLyte/Suluk Screen/lighter in cuben sack - 2.8
Long Spoon - .4
Zpacks Line/rock pouch/biner 1.4
filter (sawyer inline with silnylon bag and hoses) - 6

EDIT TO ADD: items worn/carried:

Worn / Carried (25.7)

GoLite Trail Running Shorts (inner brief/pockets) - 4.4
LS Patagnoia Cap 2 or Merino Shirt - 6??
Darn Tough Low cut Socks - 2
Ray Bans - 1.5
Tilley Hat - 3.5 (ish?)
Innov-8 RocLite 310s size 9 (1.2?)
Lanyard with backup light (fenix E05) flint/striker (exotac nano), whistle (liberty aluminum), SAK (classic) carried in pocket or worn on neck - 2.2
GG LT4S (pair) - 4.9

Edited by bcutlerj on 06/15/2013 18:47:31 MDT.

Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Summer Sierra / Lost Coast List on 06/15/2013 16:47:34 MDT Print View

"Higher than hoped, but light-ish, right?"

Um, yes, that is light. I just don't think it matters below 10 lbs, really. There obviously is a difference between a 6.9-lb base and 10-lb base, but when you are walking, it just can't make that much difference in energy-used. Maybe that's just me. My point is I wouldn't worry about the weight b/c you have a very dialed-in kit here.

As to your list, the only things I could think of was maybe needing more insulation than the Flash vest (but probably not), maybe wanting additional rain protection (shelter + jacket instead of poncho) in the Lost Coast area if you expected sustained precipitation (but I don't know that area well, just a general idea that it rains a lot up there) and needing sunglasses + hat (which are probably on your "clothing worn" list anyway).

Looks good!

Edited by saparisor on 06/15/2013 16:48:50 MDT.

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Re: Insulation and Raingear on 06/15/2013 17:08:06 MDT Print View

Excellent Points, Steven. I'll see what I can do. For the high sierras, three more ounces for an MB parka might be worthwhile . I have a windshirt for brief moments of rain, but you might be right that a half pound more for a 2.5 layer jacket could be worth twice its weight in comfort.

Edited by bcutlerj on 06/15/2013 17:08:55 MDT.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Summer Sierra / Lost Coast List on 06/15/2013 18:34:14 MDT Print View

Permethrin those clothes prior to the Lost Coast.

Will need a bear canister there also. Ursack not approved either. Must be hard sided.

You can back off the water capacity for there as well. I never carry more than .5 liter at a time there. (if doing the coastal trail)

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
So Helpful. Thanks, Ken on 06/15/2013 18:41:40 MDT Print View

I will keep that in mind too. Edited the above to show clothes worn/carried. I have some bug dope repackaged so long ago I don't know what it is, but don't mind wearing wind clothes and head net to keep the bugs at bay.

I edited the above to help others with questions like Steven's. Also, I have a BV450 that will hold all I'll need to the LC trail, so add to pounds, subtract the two litre platy.

One question, Ken, Re: snakes bugs and critters on the Lost Coast Trail (can't believe I've never been) - should I take a 6 ounce weight penalty and bring a fully enclosed SMD Trekker (23.5 ounces, no ground sheet, bivy or poncho required) to keep me in a fully enclosed shelter and add to my sanity? I ordered 9" Ruta Locura CF stakes for the beach sand, they'll be no heavier than the eastons but will hold better. I also always carry one snow stake anyway.

In early July will a windshirt and windpants with good DWR cover my rain needs up there or does this change day to day? In the sierras, there's never a need for real rain gear in the early summer (at least not for long). EDIT - last summer I did several miles of PCT SOBO from around Mt. Lincoln/Sugar Bowl and hit rain day in and out. But that was a first and only in the last six years for me.

Edited by bcutlerj on 06/15/2013 19:15:25 MDT.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: So Helpful. Thanks, Ken on 06/15/2013 18:52:58 MDT Print View

Brian, don't even try setting up a shelter in sand. It's a waste of time and it never, ever works. There is no way to stake it down.
Just set up on the dirt.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Summer Sierra / Lost Coast List on 06/15/2013 18:53:49 MDT Print View

Bugs are not bad. Usually too windy for them to be much trouble. Stay out of the driftwood shelters and camp up in a canyon to get away from the raccoons and riff raff.

Bivy is fine.

July should be rain free. Could be foggy on the shore. So do be prepared for some damp. Check the weather before you go. We usually get a big high pressure systems at this time of year. Makes for fairly predictable weather patterns.

Camping on the blowing sand right on the beach is for tourists. Some times though during the height of the season you have no choice.

Edited by kthompson on 06/15/2013 18:55:35 MDT.

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Great tips. Big help. Thanks on 06/15/2013 19:17:54 MDT Print View

So I'll definitely plan to camp above beach (my thoughts were it'd be too steep). honestly was dreading the driftwood shelter from my belief that this is a time of year and a geographic location I would be if I were a snake. Anyway, thanks again. This is ALL very helpful. Will probably do Emigrant next weekend to see how it all shakes out.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Great tips. Big help. Thanks on 06/15/2013 20:36:10 MDT Print View

I have only been there a couple times, but I remember seeing quite a few flat forested areas near the mouth of rivers. You don't have to camp above the beach, just farther back in the dirt.

The problem with setting up a shelter in the sand is the sand is too loose. You can tie off to a really heavy rock but the wind will tug on the lines an slowly pull the rock towards you. The only reliable anchors on the beach are anchors that you can't move.

The mosquitoes in Emigrant are terrible right now.