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Ultimate Survival Alaska!?!?!
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Josh Brock

Locale: Outside
Ultimate Survival Alaska!?!?! on 06/14/2013 15:52:21 MDT Print View

Anyone know what these guys have in those packs?

That one guy who looks really unprepared for where he is(with the long bow) seems to have a small country on his back! but.... he is awesome with that bow!

I mean these guys have a sh#t ton of gear on their back but aparently no shelters(except large homedepot tarps), no sleeping bags, no sleeping pads, no real extra cloths, couple of them did not even bring crampons!!! I mean really whats in those packs????? rocks?

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Ultimate Survival Alaska!?!?! on 06/14/2013 17:58:48 MDT Print View

Beer and watermelons.

Hk Newman
(hknewman) - MLife

Locale: Western US
Re: Ultimate Survival Alaska!?!?! on 06/14/2013 21:42:48 MDT Print View

Just going thru some of the stills on their website, looks like plenty of Nalgene bottles, etc.. Probably some leather gloves for camp chores and I wouldn't doubt some other items hunters pack.

ADD Years back Backpacker mag did an article on a school that trained hunters to backpack. It wasn't ultralight in the least.

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(KalebC) - F

Locale: South West
RE: massive packs on 06/23/2013 10:23:47 MDT Print View

I have watched all the shows, i'm a sucker for any show that takes place in AK. They do have sleeping bags, guns/ammo, packrafts, axe, cans of beans, bags of rice and massive cooking kits. I'm sure if they worked hard at cutting pack weight they could get it down to about 75 pounds....

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
re: Ultimate Survival AK on 06/27/2013 10:52:52 MDT Print View

I'm pretty sure they have big packs because the producers want them to. They look more serious to laypeople that way.

Tyler Johnston, the blond guy with the goatee, has won the Wilderness Classic a few times and knows how to go fast and light.

(PNWhiker) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
This season on 02/27/2014 12:19:23 MST Print View

I like this show but it can be so ridiculous sometimes. One guy has been lugging around a pair of wooden skis he found on one of the first legs. Last week two teams spent a day and a half hunting while the other team was literally running to the LZ. Turns out the all get there at about the same time. Hmmm, something seems fishy here. Nonetheless, there are some good skills to be learned here and there.

Maybe next year we need a ‘fast and light’ team!