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List for Two Week Section of High Sierras PCT -- advice??
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Thaddaeus Wharton
(Thadjw) - MLife
List for Two Week Section of High Sierras PCT -- advice?? on 06/08/2013 13:06:35 MDT Print View

-2 shirts (1 Short Sleeve Under Armour for hiking and 1 SS black merino for warmth)
-XO Brand sport sleeves (2) for long sleeve warmth / sun protection
-Wind jacket Arc Teryx --4oz
-Down vest by Western Mountaineering
-May bring zpacks poncho or may cut zpacks bivy to serve as poncho and bivy
-Pants are Prana w mod for mucho venting and I'll take undies as well
-Zpacks rain pants for rain plus extra warmth --~4oz
-Maybe shorts for sleep / very hot day hiking
-Visor hat with bandana for sun and staying cool

Footwear stuff:
-New Balance Trail Runners
-3 pairs micro wool socks
-Spenco pads for foot impact help
-I'll list Johnson and Johnson blister band-aids here early in post bc foot care is crucial and need feedback
-Zpacks ultralight tent repair tape for blister and foot band-aid ultra thin wrapping
-Rubbing alcohol pads for foot cleaning etc

Sleep stuff:
-Thermarest ultralight cot (its 2lbs 10oz but amazing... I saved in other areas but open to limited feedback)
-Gossamer Gear hammock-wide 1/4 inch grey foam torso sleep pad (i cut it down a little but still wider than standard)
-Zpacks 20 degree tall version quilt --22oz (may attach hiker Velcro to underside of pad and to quilt side tabs to keep wrapped warm at night)
-Thermarest grey sleeppad roll that is cut down for sit pad and used as footpad for sleep in bivy
-Other sleep gear---- Warm fleece skullcap, bandana for warm neck, eye mask, ear noise blockers
-Bivy (already mentioned) and extra line to attach bivy high point to tree
-Inflatable pillow of ultralight variety to use with Six Moons backpack for head support

Water stuff:
-Sawyer filter
-Two 1 Liter Evernew pouches and one 2 L pouch
-Mio water flavoring bc its much tastier
-Can add cheap plastic bottle on trail if needed for more L carry

Electronics / fun stuff I'll bring:
-iPod plus headphone (cut for only one ear bc audiobooks are what I'm listening to and want to hear a tad from nature)
-Charge wall plug plus cords (I've found you just need to bring that wall plug as much as I'd like to leave it)
-iPhone with Google Maps, Halfmile PCT app, Eric the Black elevation map, and Topomaps loaded ----Plus e-card game to hone poker skill
-Solio small solar charger

-Yogi's pink sheets (to use with iPhone maps for Situational Awareness... I think I'll be ok without paper maps bc others are on trail and I have iPhone/solar)

Hitch materials:
-White tyvek matting for dirt mat but really mostly for hitching (writing destination on this really helps)
-Black Sharpie
-Ireland flag handkerchief (is multipurpose and helps get rides for my mostly Irish self)

Food stuff:
-Mucho snack and other food
-Spoon (will carry food and not bring stove again is my plan)
-Ursack w aluminum reinforcement --1lb4oz (lighter than full bear can)
-I'll hike to hitch for re-supply at least three times

-2 mini Petzls... I find two work best for night hiking
-Backup battery I might take

-TiGoat carbon fiber pole (Only use one)

-Baby wipes / TP / magazine
-Small light case w Qtips and floss
-Zpacks light toothbrush and paste
-Vasoline lip stuff
-Soap and balaclava for possible showers I find (balaclava is add'l warmth item as well)
-Pain, infection, and giardia pills
-Nose rag for nose etc

Other stuff:
-Backpack is Six Moons Whisper at 11oz (awesome pack)
-Two mini shoulder strap pouches custom from zpacks (hold iPhone, iPod, sunscreen in one and wool gloves plus hat in other... so I can quickly access)
-Wool micro gloves
-Head bug net
-May not bring sunglasses bc a visor usually works
-Zpacks ultralight little bag for wallet / Credit Card items
-Zpacks Hexamid Duo tent for its length and rain protection (I'd almost like to leave it but not taking poncho most likely and need real shelter despite preference to cowboy camp)... and it weighs light for a tent at 11.1oz per website
-Titanium stakes and second small support pole (.4oz)... May leave 4 stakes and use rocks for other 4 tie downs
-Stuff sacks and plastic baggies
-Plastic baggies that are extra for stream crossing small streams
-Small plastic ties for solar panel strapping etc
-Chafing lotion
-Zimmerpacks 1.1oz stuff sack/day pack... Might get someone to slack pack my bag for a day or three somewhere on trail and would go ultra ultra-light for a stretch
-May also take safety pins to dry socks plus scissors plus needle / thread plus bug spray

Weight was 11.4 base weight without the light tent and a few other small items. Good weight but might cut something.

Ideas on how to make better? 12 days on trail already this spring. Great trips so far.

Edited by Thadjw on 06/10/2013 00:19:36 MDT.