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zpacks Arc Blast vs Blast? New packs?
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USA Duane Hall
(hikerduane) - F

Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada
Re: Love the Orange Cuban on 06/06/2013 09:04:21 MDT Print View

I added two side mesh pockets and a belt pocket, so mine was 17 oz. :(

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Love the Orange Cuban on 06/06/2013 18:48:57 MDT Print View

Every time I read this I picture a Umpaloompa version of Castro.

Billy Ray
(rosyfinch) - M

Locale: the mountains
Re: Re: Re: re: on 06/06/2013 19:43:19 MDT Print View

Funny that you should be thinking of returning it for seam taping. I am currently preparing an order for and Arc Blast and am debating if I will have Joe leave off the seam taping... he says it adds an ounce. I've never had a rain proof pack in my life and never missed not having one... so why the taped seams? Joe says it helps to reinforce the stitching.


Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: Ordered mine on 06/06/2013 20:11:29 MDT Print View

I just received mine a couple of days ago. It's the version just before he started seam taping but it does have the horizontal stabilizer at the top. I added one side pocket and one shoulder pouch. It weighs 16.9oz. That's already almost 1oz heavier than I expected since at the time I ordered the base weight was 15oz and the two pockets were .5oz each. Not sure how much that horizontal stabilizer added. Anyhow, still a savings of 12oz over my GoLite Jam.

As for seam taping, I am fine without it.

Edited by randalmartin on 06/06/2013 20:12:33 MDT.

Billy Ray
(rosyfinch) - M

Locale: the mountains
Re: Re: Ordered mine on 06/06/2013 20:20:50 MDT Print View

Randy, did yours come with the roll top?

If so, how do you like that?

I've been considering ordering mine with the draw cord top...


Randy Martin
(randalmartin) - F

Locale: Colorado
Re: Re: Re: Ordered mine on 06/06/2013 22:04:41 MDT Print View

Yes, mine has the roll top. To me there isn't really much difference. The roll top has a velcro like closure then you roll it down. With a draw cord (like on my GoLite Jam) I roll it down after closing as well so either way to me the concept of rolling down any excess makes sense and works well.

Having said all of that I probably prefer the draw cord just because there is a little less fiddle factor (i.e.,you just grab the cord and pull and then roll down excess whereas the Arc Blast you line up the edges and press together and then roll down.

Edited by randalmartin on 06/06/2013 22:05:22 MDT.

Michael Gillenwater
(mwgillenwater) - M

Locale: Seattle area
Re: Re: Re: Re: Ordered mine on 06/07/2013 15:05:27 MDT Print View

I talked to Joe at ZPacks and am ordering Cuben seam tape and going to tape mine myself. He said it should take about 6 of the strips he sells and that you just need to put the bag inside out after removing the frame. (or you can ship it back and they will do it for a small fee)

I've had one minor stitch already go on the shoulder strap (my fault for swinging the bag improperly instead of using the haul loop). So reinforcing the stitching as well as waterproofing is worth it to me. It adds an ounce, but then if i can leave my pack liner behind, I save an ounce, to make it a wash except that my bag is now easier to pack.