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Which stove do you use most?
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Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
WIndscreen/wood stove on 09/15/2007 07:23:33 MDT Print View

No doubt common amongst us here, I have gone down most roads with stove types...and a wood stove is just great for fuel weight savings, but a little bit of a pain for me if I roll into camp late and just want food "now". I currently bring a Pocket Rocket with one small canister and my windscreen turns into a wood burning stove (with tent stakes). This way, I don't bring enough fuel for all my meals, anticipating that I would use the wood stove/windscreen on the shorter days, and the canister on longer days...or when I'm lazy.
Short solo trips would most likely be my MYOG apple juice can wood stove (1.95 oz.)...and I make a new one when they start to get gross.
If I'm with my girlfirend (which means gourmet meals and feasts), I bring my Weber Silver B ;)

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Re: Which stove do you use most? on 09/15/2007 10:03:17 MDT Print View

I always camp with my wife. I cook in either a Vargo titanium 0.9 L or 1.3 L pot.

If temps are above freezing, my Go-Torch alcohol stove from Gossamer Gear. (However, I'm close to pulling the trigger on the Caldero stove, unfortunately I'll need two setups).

When below freezing, I use a remote canister MSR WindPro stove with the canister inverted.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Which stove do you use most? Caldera Cone on 09/15/2007 10:28:50 MDT Print View

I mainly do day-trips on the weekends, occasional overnighters, and a three-day trip each season. So for short trips it is definitely the Caldera Cone with the TD alcohol stove. I made a bunch of my own alcohol stoves, but the cones are tuned to the TD stove, so that combo works best. About 30ml methanol per 600ml water; takes 5 minutes.
When I need heavy artillery for melting snow or heating a bunch of cups of coffee for a group or something, I resort to my heavy old jetboil; sure wish they would make a lighter stove/titanium pot jetboil...

Charles Bilz
(denalijoe) - F

Locale: California
Re: Which stove do you use most? on 09/15/2007 10:30:06 MDT Print View

Seva 123, summer and winter.

(ofelas) - F

Locale: On the Edge
Re: Re: Which stove do you use most? on 09/15/2007 14:58:36 MDT Print View

For "gourmet meals" that don't include SVEA + freezer bag, I make a small bed of coals using wood fuel as available (even when not in a survival mode, be sensible about minimal impact SMALL fires/sustainability/safety), then grill steak or fresh caught fish; I sometimes skewer premarinated onions, maters, peppers & shrooms on a titanium wire tent peg to get that complete balanced meal experience, chased by a couple ounces of Old Forester.

All in all, my pack weighs <35lbs including food, fuel, a small hatchet, recurve bow (sometimes) a good book & snowshoes for a week in the backcountry in winter.

When I'm out there, I take what's neccessary to keep me alive/safe in minimal comfort, and enjoy the experience without getting bogged down by the vast array of gear choices out there.

Cornelius Austin
(nealaustin) - F

Locale: Minnesota
Which stove ? on 09/18/2007 16:21:16 MDT Print View

While car camping I use the gigantanormus 3 burner coleman suitcase stove. while backpacking I have been using the Ti esbit stove or my old standby triangia burner. I now have a Bushbuddy and can use the triangia in it or an esbit tab with just the crown from the BB as a backup.

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