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HMG vs. Zimmerbuilt
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scree ride
open open open on 06/04/2013 13:29:36 MDT Print View

Finally made an order.
Went with the 4400 Porter with an extra heavy bottom and a removable hip belt. Forty dollars extra for the changes which I felt was plenty reasonable.
Went without a hydration setup. Thinking of a outside gravity system with a valve along with a water bottle. No internal leaks that way.
No belt pockets which will leave me with the attachment points on the belt clear.
While I opted for the white, black fabric was available. A little heavier than the white, it would have added around an ounce to the total weight.It would have also added, don't quote me, around 10% to the original cost. $32 maybe?? Not bad, but white generally is a better color for the desert that surrounds me.

Mike guesstimated that the 4400 was close to 2,000 c.i. when rolled all the way down, so much of the volume is in the height. While the 3400 may have made more sense total volume wise, I feel that the 4400 will give me more versatility in the way I pack. Tall and skinny or short and fat. If it makes a difference or not, I'll see. At least I'll have the option to find out. If I decide it's too big, I can sell it for enough to buy the 3400. Somehow with the compression, I don't think I will.
About 7 days until it's shipped. Should be caught up with work by then.
open open open

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: open open open on 06/04/2013 14:26:59 MDT Print View

They are great packs. Enjoy.

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

HMG vs. Zimmerbuilt on 06/04/2013 14:35:29 MDT Print View

Everytime I see a HMG pack, I want to get in the pack business. Everytime I see a Zimmerbuilt, I get humbled.

scree ride
Re: HMG vs. Zimmerbuilt on 06/04/2013 19:29:28 MDT Print View

The HMG is a pretty humble design. Seems it would be a no brainer to produce, yet nobody is. In spite of a not so humble price, those in possession speak highly of them. If you can do that, I'll look to you for my next piece of equipment.

Ever think about building accessory pockets? Seems like HMG kind of dropped the ball. I can envision a number of designs, but that's as far as my talents go.

The Zimmers are a work of art. The material he has available, for my taste, is either a bit bright in color or it's on the other end, being a bit dull. The cuben comparatively is a bit light. I'd like to say that I don't really find color important and with Zimmerbuilt's reputation for quality, it really was my last concern.

Mainly with the HMG, I went for a larger pack with more weight capacity for loads over 35 pounds. I liked the sleekness, and I wanted a heavier cuben fabric.

Edited by scree on 06/04/2013 19:30:45 MDT.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: HMG vs. Zimmerbuilt on 06/04/2013 19:39:52 MDT Print View

Lawson - time to put your money where it counts. What say you?

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

: ) on 06/04/2013 21:03:54 MDT Print View

I have been thinking about it. Only problem is, everytime I see one of Chris Zimmer's packs I re-think it. If you could talk him into not making such nice looking packs, I would give it a go haha : )

Edited by Mountainfitter on 06/04/2013 22:17:41 MDT.

scree ride
blank on 06/05/2013 06:04:42 MDT Print View

While I can appreciate the quality, I really didn't like the looks of Zimmerbuilt packs. I didn't really see much innovation, only customer's whims. That leaves you a market.
While the hope for cuben, is to create heavier and heavier fabrics, Xpac becomes more and more desirable. If only it wasn't died in snow cone colors. The bright orange clashes with my lime green sneakers, you'd think the big top circus was in town.
The Porters are simple.
What I would like to see is a bra for them. Like a car bra, except with pockets. One that protects the bottom and can be replaced. Combined with a top bag, it could also double as a speed vest to use out of base camp. Water bottle pockets that straddle between the pack and the belt. Ones that I can actually reach. A mesh bag for the back, cheap enough not to worry about snags.

Alex H
(abhitt) - MLife

Locale: southern appalachians or desert SW
Re: blank on 06/05/2013 07:17:38 MDT Print View

"While I can appreciate the quality, I really didn't like the looks of Zimmerbuilt packs. I didn't really see much innovation, only customer's whims."

That is the point, I wouldn't call it whims, but designed to be what the customer has decided they want after using other packs. It is the MYOG for those who don't have the skills or time to make their own.

I am in the same place, mostly like the looks of the HMG suspension and windrider SW pockets but not the white color, hip belt to some degree and the way the compression straps go over the side pockets.

Like the fabric, color and suspension of the SMD Starlite but not the volume or pockets. Like the volume and no sweat back panel of the Swift but not the hipbelt.

So I am looking to Zimmerbuilt to help me combine multiple things into a simple pack I can use in rough dry country (carry 35+ lbs with water) and use here in the wet east. I am confindent I can find X-pac colors I can live with.

scree ride
Re: Re: blank on 06/05/2013 07:50:58 MDT Print View

HMG does have black as well.
Not trying to push them over Zimmer, mind you. Just presenting options.
I could have lived with the grey Xpac as well. I could have even surpassed my infatuation with cuben.
I simply understood the HMG's to carry 35+ better.

I admit calling customer input "whims" is a bit critical, but really it all mostly amounts to pocket arrangement and choice of material. Having a mesh back panel or not. HMG's argument was that they absorb sweat. All I really have to do fix a dry rag up with some bungees and I can change it out.