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Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim
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Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim on 05/16/2013 21:25:57 MDT Print View

This guy!

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim on 05/16/2013 21:48:49 MDT Print View


John V. from our R2R2R was going to attempt a R2R2R2R2R recently but it fell through...

Pretty crazy.


When I first saw your post on this I thought "What the hell is Eugene up to?"

Edited by xnomanx on 05/16/2013 21:50:06 MDT.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Rim to Rim to Rim, to Rim to Rim to Rim on 05/16/2013 22:01:16 MDT Print View

What a gold mine of information.
He did a GREAT job of detailing everything. (except weight loss)

One (among many) amazing numbers is 8800 calories over 68 hours: He did this on 130 calories per hour for intake. 300 calories per hour output, would put him at 20,000. A deficit of 11,200. A mere 3.2 pounds of body fat. By the looks of him, maybe 2% of his weight.

Kudos on an amazing accomplishment.

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Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Re: Re: Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim on 05/16/2013 22:06:31 MDT Print View

A sextuple crossing of the Canyon is bananas. As if I needed another reason to return, this only inspires and fuels the flames more. I'm thinking October '13 will be a perfect time for another R2R2R down there.

This is a quote from Ras in a recent interview with Trailrunner Magazine:

"But I am not against fast running. I don’t think it’s wrong. I am as impressed and inspired by and in awe of the elite runners as anyone else, and I respect and admire them. What I take issue with is a culture that worships speed as the only standard by which to judge achievement. It’s time for Trail Culture to democratize running."

This guy is blowing my mind right now.

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Quite a guy on 05/16/2013 23:24:09 MDT Print View

This guy sounds really interesting; so down to earth.
260 pounds five years ago and now this? Wow.

Art ...
(asandh) - F
Re: Re: Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim to Rim on 05/17/2013 09:24:21 MDT Print View

John V. is still planning on a R-R-R-R-R but has moved it to next spring.

this is the first person I've ever heard John call crazy.

the thing about Ras' effort is that it was so slow anyone as crazy as him could have a decent go at breaking the record ... any takers.

Ike Jutkowitz
(Ike) - M

Locale: Central Michigan
re:RRRRRR on 05/19/2013 19:07:49 MDT Print View

Loved this and the linked interview. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
r2r2rx3 on 05/21/2013 08:40:57 MDT Print View

very impressive feat, equally impressive was his back to back circumvention of Rainier

he was interviewed recently and I really liked his comment on running ultras- as a back of the packer he said they were like a mullet- all business up front and party at the rear :)

make sure you guys keep me abreast of any possible fall plans