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10F EE RevX Quilt too warm in summer?
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Rocco Speranza

Locale: Western NC Mtns
10F EE RevX Quilt too warm in summer? on 05/16/2013 21:14:39 MDT Print View

I was wondering if my quilt would be too warm in the summer time? >60f at night.
I've not had the chance to try this since it hasn't been that hot at night and haven't had the time to get out to camp.

I was thinking about getting a 40F RevX, but trying to hold off purchasing it if I can.

Jeffrey McConnell
yep on 05/16/2013 21:22:00 MDT Print View

No way I'd be able to use a quilt that warm in summer. I find my Revelation 20 degree can get too warm at times.

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Re: yep on 05/16/2013 21:38:41 MDT Print View

Maybe--maybe not. The beauty of the Revelation system is that it can lay flat and be used as a blanket.

I would guess that it would be on the warm side, but you have lots of options for venting. You really won't know until you try it.

Bonus--testing gear you already have in new conditions is entirely free.

Troy Hawkins
(ollyisk) - F - MLife

Locale: Germany
re: on 05/17/2013 01:30:30 MDT Print View

Sure, you can use it as a blanket, therefore you have unlimited venting options. If you get hot, just throw it off or shift its position until you cool off and then pull it over until you get warm again.

The biggest difference will be bulk and weight. According to the EE weight sheet, the 10 degree bag weighs half a pound more than the 40 degree bag. Additionally, the 10 degree will be considerably bulkier than the 40 degreee.

I'd buy both if I were you, but I've got a gear addiction problem so you'd probably be better following someone else's advice.

Nathan Coleman
Rev X on 05/17/2013 08:21:03 MDT Print View

I've got the 20 degree Draft Dodger which is a Rev X with the addition of a draft collar marketed by Seek Outside, and love it. I just got it a couple weeks ago, and have gone down to the mid 40's in it. If it's above 60 then you'll definitely need to vent as I had to vent in the high 40's with mine, and I'm a cold sleeper.

Fortunately it is very easy to vent. I threw one leg out, then threw both legs out and just had them on top of the quilt, and could get both arms out as well.

For nights where the lows are 70's or above I think I will sew up a rudimentary quilt from a silk bedsheet and call it good, but until that point I'll be in the Draft Dodger.

Corbin Camp

Locale: Southeast
10 degree on 05/17/2013 09:53:15 MDT Print View

Unless you are hiking at some high elevation or latitude, I can't see where a 10* is usable in the summer. For the weight and bulk savings, getting lighter set up is worth it. My Rev 40 would probably be too warm for a >60f night.

No way on 05/17/2013 19:06:31 MDT Print View

There are times when its cool enough you have to cover up.
I have a summer quilt, because a 30F one is too hot @55-60F. When you cover you sweat, when you uncover you are cold.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: 10F EE RevX Quilt too warm in summer? on 05/17/2013 19:10:42 MDT Print View

Don't even think about it. It doesn't matter how you position the quilt on you, any part of your body covered by the quilt is going to be super hot.

Art Tyszka
(arttyszka) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Get the 40 on 05/18/2013 14:04:29 MDT Print View

I agree with the others that said it'll be too warm. For this very reason I have 2 EE quilts. A RevX 20F overstuff and a Rev 40F.

Fitz Travels
Too warm.... THEN WHY.... on 05/18/2013 15:24:27 MDT Print View

If this is the case (too warm) ... Then it really doesnt make ANY sense to leave holes in the karo baffles to move down around. Isnt that the point in being able to move the down around... To use it 4 season, stretching winter bags into at least early summer? If its too warm... Id rather just sew up the whole bag so its NOT TOO COLD (down shifting) in the winter... Same principle applies to continious baffles...

This issue drives me crazy.Sry for thread hijack.

Edited by fitztravels on 05/18/2013 15:46:19 MDT.

Willie Evenstop
(redmonk) - F

Locale: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
baffled on 05/18/2013 20:00:51 MDT Print View

Shifting down doesn't give a bag a 50 degree rating change ? Really ? I would have thought with a little shaking I could use it to camp in Death Valley or on top of Whitney. I guess those baffles really are over rated.


Kevin Manley
(manleyk) - F - MLife

Locale: Denver-ish
Too warm on 05/18/2013 23:49:10 MDT Print View

Too warm. I have a 20F and roasted last night at 40F with a wind!

If you want a bag for 60F, why not sew a RayWay quilt or something like it? It was my first sewing project and took less than a day.