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Fishing with a stick
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brian H
(B14) - M

Locale: Siskiyou Mtns
Re: Fishing with a stick on 10/05/2013 15:02:20 MDT Print View


assuming you have a basic, working knowledge of where trout hold in streams, and how they are 'opportunistic' feeders by n is all u need in Desolation area streams, from any shop w/ fly fishing gear:

a 9 ft. tapered leader with 4x tippet
a handful of flies size 14 - black ants, prince nymphs, yellow humpies

tie the leader to a 7-10 ft willow or other stick, and drop the fly near the hungry trout, and yer in biz.

for the lakes you will want a longer line, so tying the leader to a 10-15' piece of 10 lb test line first would work, and a little split shot for casting weight. in shallow mtn lakes, most feeding takes place along the shorelines.

using flies which imitate trout food assumes that you're not inclined to spend hours trying to catch grasshoppers & the like ;)
if you are, then bring bare hooks.

Wow Mark i must say i am intrigued by the sub $10 tenkara knockoffs you found...

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Richard Cullip
(RichardCullip) - M

Locale: San Diego County
Re: Fishing with a stick on 10/05/2013 17:24:51 MDT Print View

I had a fun and effective day of fishing with a stick during Survival School in the USAF way back in 1971 or so. It was up in eastern Washington or Western Idaho (never did figure out where we were). I had some mono and hooks in the small survival kit that was provided to each of us. Dug up some worms and tied the line and hook on the end of a willow stick and it was game on. Caught some trout that tasted remarkably good when roasted over our fire that first night in the woods. Of course things went down hill shortly after that when we were "captured" and put in a POW camp. As I recall those next few days weren't near as pleasant.

Glenn S

Locale: Snowhere, MN
$5.43 - 7' Tenkara knockoff on 03/04/2014 21:35:57 MST Print View

"Wow Mark i must say i am intrigued by the sub $10 tenkara knockoffs you found..."

I ordered one of these on a whim after reading about it here and just received it in the mail today.

Carbon Glass, 78" tip to tip (minus lillian), 15 1/4" closed, 38 grams with both end plugs and delivered to my door for a whopping $5.43.

I fly fished many years ago and my technique was adequate from what I remember, but this tenkara stuff is all new to me. Despite the short length, for the price and weight, I'll give it a whirl. Now for some floating line and dry flies I think, unless somebody advises me otherwise.

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