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FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works!
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Ryan French
Re: Awesome Testing on 05/28/2013 07:20:40 MDT Print View

Thanks, Daniel.

I am not big in business travel because it takes me away from the fam, but looking back at the list, I can truly say I am thankful and blessed.


Ryan French
By the way on 05/28/2013 07:24:22 MDT Print View

Just FYI, I have also started on Instagram (which ultimately end up on the tumblr) and Twitter.

The name is @EXODUSsandals


Karple T

Locale: Mid-Alantic
A minimalist sandal that works on 05/28/2013 07:35:21 MDT Print View

Your tumbler site is really nice.

My company can set up a eCommerce site for you and provide live 24/7 operators for order taking, CS & payment processing.

Ryan French
Re: A minimalist sandal that works on 05/28/2013 09:38:23 MDT Print View

thanks, Craig...I'll keep that in mind.


BER ---
(BER) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Minimalist sandals on 05/28/2013 16:42:55 MDT Print View

These look really nice. Great job so far. Definitely interested.

Jolly Green Giant
(regultr) - MLife

Re: FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works! on 05/28/2013 19:07:47 MDT Print View

Saw these at Trail Days this year. Pretty similar and a product already on the market initiated from a Kickstarter campaign:

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works! on 05/28/2013 19:31:36 MDT Print View

Great to have an update. Looking forward to testing a pair myself. How do you plan to build to size? Foot tracingss?

Ryan French
Re: Re: FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works! on 05/28/2013 20:44:02 MDT Print View

@Ber - thanks and once I start a new thread, it will have the info needed for those interested.

@Jolly - I was very close to pulling the trigger on the bedrocks. However, I already had the rubber and started off by trying to make a typical huarache style sandal with Vibram rubbber and nylon straps (like some other companies out there, Luna, Bedrock, Unshoes). Personally, I did not like the lack of lateral support and my feet always seemed to slip over the sides of the rubber. That is when I really started modifying, starting off first with heating and molding the rubber footbed to cradle the foot. After, I realized the huge improvement and started working on a new strap routing/design which got me where I am at today.

Thought that if they worked for me, others may be interested as well which is why I am taking it slow and offering to make some for BPL members and family friends only for now. That may change in the future but I'd like good honest feedback first! IMHO, Bedrock has the best looking product out there for standard huarache style minimalist sandals.

@Spelt - glad to hear you are interested...I think for the initial builds, we should start off with tracings just to make sure everyone is satisfied with the fit...

Will be posting a new thread soon so keep your eyes open...thanks.


Adam Sherrerd
(macfly) - F
Re: FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works! on 05/29/2013 05:44:35 MDT Print View

Very cool, Ryan! I do most of my running in a pair of Luna Originals (I think now they're called the "Venado"). I use them on a mix of concrete, grass/city parks, and singletrack. The suede top definitely can get slippery when it's wet or when passing through dew. Apparently they've updated the footbed to allow for more traction. I've been waiting on their new Oso model which is supposed to be geared more toward the rugged/trail side of things, but it keeps getting delayed, and according to their newsletter that just showed up in my inbox, it's gonna be another two months. I need something soon so I'll probably get a pair of Luna Leadvilles before I leave in mid-June for a month-long roadtrip/backpacking excursion in the western USA, but I'd love to give yours a go when they're ready and would be glad to share my experiences and comparisons. I like your strap design, especially at the toe. I tend to cinch my Lunas up way tight to avoid slippage, and after a while the skin webbing between my big toe and second toe can get a little sore from all the friction.

Edited by macfly on 05/29/2013 05:59:26 MDT.

Ryan French
Re: Re: FINALLY...A minimalist sandal that works! on 05/29/2013 06:31:45 MDT Print View

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the kind words and the interest. And appreciate you sharing your experience with the Luna's. Another nice product I was interested in but I am too hard on my sandals to rely on the single strap. Also, I experienced some irritation in the same place as you on my original prototypes.

With the XO toe lock design (gotta call it something), I haven't experienced that problem. I adjust the toe lock just big enough to fit my toe in with little effort. Once dialed in, it doesn't rub because it wraps around the big toe.

I also forgot to mention that although I love to hike and play in the woods and water, I have not actually ran a mile or more in over 5 years. Just never was a runner. But the first day I focused in on this design, and after reading the pros and cons of barefoot running, I took my 255 lb mass and started running, just to prove to myself that if dove properly (mid foot gait, etc.), there would be no break-in time. I can say I've run a total of around 6 miles with no issue!