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How to cleanly cut the top off of stainless teapot?
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Jim H
(jraiderguy) - M

Locale: Puget Sound
How to cleanly cut the top off of stainless teapot? on 05/03/2013 14:59:53 MDT Print View

After all the talk about baking recently, I dug out my "old gear" box and am going to cobble together a little test baking kit. This isn't meant for backcountry use, more just to play with baking in the backyard, and hopefully some use while car camping.

Anyhow, I've got an MSR Alpine Teapot and an MSR 1.1L Stowaway. As it happens, the teapot fits very nicely into the stowaway pot. I'd like to cut the top off of the teapot to make my baking pan (as shown by the dotted red line). Whether I dry bake or wet bake, I think this setup will work fairly well.

My question is: has anyone cut steel of this thickness with hand tools? I have snips, a dremel, and pliers, but nothing fancier. I don't even have a vice. I was thinking maybe I could use a hacksaw with a fine tooth metal blade?

I dont' use the teapot currently, so I'm not going to be too sad if I butcher it, but I figured I'd see if anyone has some advice.


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Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: How to cleanly cut the top off of stainless teapot? on 05/03/2013 16:26:31 MDT Print View

This may work if you have a Dremel AND a Dremel stand.

Put a thin grinding wheel in the Dremel, position it upside down at the right height, and slowly turn the kettle around against the wheel. You will need to hold the kettle down with two hands to keep it stable. Go slowly, no rush.

Caution: some potential for OOPS if you rush it or do not hold the kettle very firmly.


Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Don't do it!! on 05/03/2013 18:22:13 MDT Print View

I'm all for modding gear to get it to work better, but I think you'll be disappointed. If I remember correctly the tea kettle has a wider base than shoulder, which will make it almost impossible to get anything you bake in there out. Also the crimped join will trap and hold your baked goods. Instead, go down to your local Aisian grocery and spend three bucks on a small stainless mixing bowl. This will be half the weight, wider at the top than bottom, pressed not seamed and flexible for getting your baking out.

Look for one that has a bowl that fits closely, which will probably mean cutting the rim off. Your snips will handle this very easily, I would clean up by hand with some wet and dry on a block, but a Dremel will do it.


Jon Fong
(jonfong) - F

Re: How to cleanly cut the top off of stainless teapot? on 05/03/2013 18:41:51 MDT Print View

Believe it or not, cutting the top off with a pair of snips works pretty well. Make a gross cut and leave ~ 1/4" above you red line and then go back and make the final cut. It's a lot easier than using a dremel tool. Best wishes - Jon

Jim H
(jraiderguy) - M

Locale: Puget Sound
Thanks on 05/04/2013 00:05:17 MDT Print View

The point about the crimp is a good one now that I look at the pot more closely. I'll check around for a simpler solution. Was hoping not to spend any money on this little experiment, but I guess I could always try and sell some of my old gear instead of letting sit in the closet.

rowan !

Locale: SF Bay Area
Maybe a Mini-Cake Pan? on 05/05/2013 13:47:16 MDT Print View

Something like these mini-cake pans might work. No clue how much they weigh, but since they are aluminum, it's probably not too bad.