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Windscreen foil
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george carr
(hammer-one) - F - MLife

Locale: Walking With The Son
Windscreen foil on 05/08/2007 21:53:35 MDT Print View

Anyone know where I might find aluminum foil of a similar gauge as included with the whisperlite or whitebox stoves?

Douglas Frick
(Otter) - MLife

Locale: Wyoming
Re: Windscreen foil on 05/08/2007 22:04:02 MDT Print View

You mean like this?

Doug Hile
(dhile) - F
foil on 05/08/2007 22:14:18 MDT Print View

I use embossing foil that I got at a craft store. It is thinner than MSR's foil but thicker than the kitchen foil. It works good for me with an Esbit stove.

Justin Ling
(ling_jd) - F

Locale: columbus ohio
Re: Windscreen foil on 05/09/2007 16:45:33 MDT Print View

Hi George, I'm not sure how it compares with the windscreens you speak of, but I made one out of the large aluminum tins used for roasting turkeys/grilling meat (at least I think that's what they're for). I picked one up from Kroger for $3 (you could probably get one cheaper at the dollar store). I snipped it out, flattened it, and weighed it in at .5 oz. It's very minimal with sharp edges (although not to a fault) and the sides bent a bit to latch the screen closed. It seems to work perfectly.

The tin is pretty stiff. stiffer than regular pie tins. It's the same stuff I've seen catering companies use for keeping food warm.

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george carr
(hammer-one) - F - MLife

Locale: Walking With The Son
Re: Windscreen foil on 05/09/2007 18:04:58 MDT Print View

Thanks guys. Douglas, exactly like that but in bulk. Doug, sounds like a good idea to look into, but not sure if it's the weight I'm looking for. Justin, I like my baking sheet windscreen, but am looking for something without the embossing that comes on the bottom of the sheets.Any other ideas out there?

Edited by hammer-one on 05/09/2007 18:05:44 MDT.

Jason Turner
(headchange4u) - F
Bump on 04/01/2008 13:38:32 MDT Print View

Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I am also looking for the foil sheeting so I can make and try out an UL oven ala Tinny:

Anyone ever find a source for something similar to what is used in the video above?

Edited by headchange4u on 04/01/2008 13:41:32 MDT.

Kyle Purcell
(dufus934) - F

Locale: North Texas
foil on 04/01/2008 14:19:54 MDT Print View

I have gotten it before from hobby lobby. It works awesome and comes in a roll of varying lengths.