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3 Season Gear List
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Mark Heiser

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
3 Season Gear List on 04/25/2013 16:10:57 MDT Print View

Here is my 3 season gear list. Not looking to cut weight so much, more looking to find what I may be missing/what I can leave behind that I've totally missed.

Some notes:

I plan on repackaging soap (50g currently in first aid kit, really just an odds and ends bag) and bugspray.
Getting new socks, the heavy wool ones won't treat me so well in summer
Going to get hang rope for my bear bag from Arrow Head Equipment (where I hike hanging is all I need)
Going to get the Cathole trowel from Qiwiz
Need a Bug Headnet
Need to account for maps (will change based on trip)
Will get a Swiss Army classic to replace my heavy folding knife
Need to add in a stuff sack for my stove
Need to reweigh alcohol bottle w/out alcohol in it
Unwilling to ditch sleep gear, I'd rather take the penalty than ruin the bag with body soil
May change EB fleece for GoLite Demaree Canyon jacket (420g), need to field test to see which is more appropriate(Shenandoah NP is where I am mostly)
Keeping the stuff sack for my sleeping bag: Although it leaves hollow spaces, I just like how everything packs up in my pack better this way


Locale: NE
Organization & Efficiency on 04/26/2013 17:03:30 MDT Print View

I don't have the know-how to speak to the quality of your gear list, but I am super excited to try out where your list exists in the cloud. I have no interest in the fate of, and may end up dismissing their tool, but after watching their 3 minute intro the functionality of their offering, I think what they provide fits well with organizing my scattered lists made on napkins, envelopes, backsides of junk mail, and the like. I was going to group things appropriately by sorting through everything looking for items that belong together, but it looks like I can just enter the info as I find it and let geargrams store it for easy sorting later. Very nice for us efficient types. (Some might label me closer to lazy than efficient, but saving time for naps seems to be less important to those misguided souls, so how much weight should their conclusions be given?)