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Will Newton
(Newts) - MLife

Locale: Bay Area
Hear hear on 07/22/2013 14:05:25 MDT Print View

Some threads need reviving, this is one. I can list the number of gear items that I've liked *more* the longer I've owned them on one hand, and my ProdigyX 40° is in the top three. Tim was very responsive and helpful in the selection process; the quilt showed up earlier than anticipated, and it's just been a joy to use as a summer bag. A down shirt and fleece hat have taken it into the low 30s in the Cascades; this weekend it was out on the beach in Half Moon Bay, wet as all get out, warm as all get out. Looking forward to pairing it with a 15° bag for winter trips... if I can resist the temptation for a Revelation 10°.

Tim's recent post asking for feedback on price increases just blew my mind. Who does that? Who takes their customers' concerns that seriously? Great quilt, great company.

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Jeremy M.
(JeremyNoVa) - M

Locale: NoVa
cant wait on 02/10/2014 08:10:55 MST Print View

Just ordered the 0* as my first legit quilt. Wish I could have afforded the 800 or 850, but had to go with the 750 to save the bank. Love the fact I can use it as an UQ when I hang. Hope it's still cold when it comes in.