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Enlightened Equipment Revelation Review
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Will Newton
(Newts) - MLife
Hear hear on 07/22/2013 14:05:25 MDT Print View

Some threads need reviving, this is one. I can list the number of gear items that I've liked *more* the longer I've owned them on one hand, and my ProdigyX 40° is in the top three. Tim was very responsive and helpful in the selection process; the quilt showed up earlier than anticipated, and it's just been a joy to use as a summer bag. A down shirt and fleece hat have taken it into the low 30s in the Cascades; this weekend it was out on the beach in Half Moon Bay, wet as all get out, warm as all get out. Looking forward to pairing it with a 15° bag for winter trips... if I can resist the temptation for a Revelation 10°.

Tim's recent post asking for feedback on price increases just blew my mind. Who does that? Who takes their customers' concerns that seriously? Great quilt, great company.

Edited by Newts on 07/22/2013 14:06:28 MDT.

Jeremy Mader
(JeremyNoVa) - M

Locale: NoVa
cant wait on 02/10/2014 08:10:55 MST Print View

Just ordered the 0* as my first legit quilt. Wish I could have afforded the 800 or 850, but had to go with the 750 to save the bank. Love the fact I can use it as an UQ when I hang. Hope it's still cold when it comes in.

Mordecai _
(Mocai) - MLife
More praise for Tim and his product on 08/04/2014 08:44:24 MDT Print View

Last night, I decide to get a second quilt from this company, a synthetic – the Prodigy. I have a 10-degree Revelation that I have mostly used as a luxurious blanket because it is so warm and wide, and its nice to be able to vent just by flipping over. I now wanted to get a light synth for summer use with a hammock that I just ordered. I emailed Tim at 10:44PM (last night was a Sunday), asking about current delivery times. I expected to hear back today. Tim answered 29 minutes later (after 11 PM on a Sunday) with all the info I needed. (FYI, its 2-3 weeks to ship EE quilts, currently closer 2 weeks, and they also have a rush option that is 1 week for an extra $40.)

Obviously, I was impressed. I hadn’t posted about how much I like my Revelation quilt from EE, but I decided last night to actively promote their company. Looking at this thread, it seems this is old news. Anyway, to reiterate the positives:

1. Quality design and execution. A sharp but simple product that works. No extras. For my quilt, the temp rating is indeed conservative, and the weight met spec. No wear or other issues after about 20 nights outside in a tent, and many more nights as a comforter on my bed.
2. Copious options for fill, length, width, fixed/opening foot-box, shell material, even lots of colors.
3. The pricing reflects the cost of these materials, and consistently beats comparably spec’d quilts.
4. Generous return policy (I have no practical experience with this, obviously, but have seen no complaints in forums such as this.)
5. The guy that will build my quilt answered my email late on a Sunday night.

(Please trust that I was just a customer with a question. In no way am I credentialed to get “special treatment”. Thus, I felt compelled to add this comment to the most-related post on BPL, and some other sites too.)