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GC-RRR All Over Again
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Grand Canyon - RRR All Over Again on 04/22/2013 07:19:29 MDT Print View

For those who follow these things, John and I were part of last years BPL excursion to run the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim at the Grand Canyon. Well, it was so much fun we headed back again this year, just the two of us, except for a whole slew of other groups, from around the country, who also figured the weekend of April 20-21 was a perfect time for a Grand Canyon double crossing. We were not alone but that was ok. Lots of folks to chat with. And yes, our effort was successful, though I do seem to get a little slower each time I do it (number 3 this year). The record holder of the CT was there, hiking the RRR as fast as I could run it. But the highlight of the trip was when this tall skinny long hair bearded guy went flying past me wearing nothing but short shorts and minimalist shoes (I don't think he owns a shirt), carrying only a tiny water bottle in one hand. Some of you may know him as Anton Krupicka. Very effortless, very determined. Apparently he was going for the RRR record. Haven't heard yet if he made it, but what a treat to watch him run. He passed us twice and even took a moment to thank us for the encouragement as we cheered him on. At the opposite end, there was the group of 5 young marathon road runners who upon getting to the North Rim realized they were in over their heads for a double crossing, faked an injury and called an ambulance in hopes of getting an insurance paid ride back to their cars ... would love to hear the discussion with the insurance bean counters on this one.
Anyways, another great adventure, sorry no photos, so you need to go there yourselves and give it a try.

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