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Current Driducks Sizing
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Josiah Vandervelde

Locale: Florida
Current Driducks Sizing on 04/17/2013 10:06:36 MDT Print View

I've been told that driducks sizing varies from year to year. From the size chart on their web page, I'm right at a medium (5'10" 160lbs), but I'm wondering if I should go with a small given that they run a bit big.

Context - doesn't have to fit over a lot of layers, maybe a fleece.

I prefer a trim fit (obviously not going to happen with driducks), but it's more important to me that the jacket isn't too short in the arms or overall length.

Has anybody ordered recently and can comment on what size I should get?

Josiah Vandervelde

Locale: Florida
Re: Current Driducks Sizing on 04/17/2013 20:52:50 MDT Print View

Can anyone share insight into this?

Ben Crocker
(alexdrewreed) - M

Locale: Kentucky
dri ducks on 04/17/2013 21:05:31 MDT Print View

They've always been very baggy. Get at least one size smaller

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Current Driducks Sizing on 04/17/2013 21:14:20 MDT Print View

I normally where Large clothing because I've got long arms and legs. I went with the Large Driducks as well and am glad I did. The fit is still extremely baggy but the arms are almost long enough. I'm afraid if I'd have gone one size down the sleeves would end at my forearms instead of just above my wrist. Just food for thought if you've got long arms.


Jeffrey McConnell
the sleeves on 04/18/2013 00:02:29 MDT Print View

I think a small might work for you. It just depends on the sleeve length.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Current Driducks Sizing on 04/18/2013 02:19:02 MDT Print View

Get a small. At your height and weight, a small will still be loose fitting.

Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
go small on 04/18/2013 17:59:54 MDT Print View

I couldn't resist and ordered the $20 frogg togg rain suit, the fit is as people say, massive, I usually take a medium top and the small, which I got, following advice, correct, here, is big, poofy, I could probably wear every layer I own under it.

Very light jacket, 6oz. This is the frogg toggs line of the dri ducks thing.

With my myog silnylon rain pants that's a 9oz rain suit, top/bottom, not bad.

Edited by hhope on 04/18/2013 18:08:00 MDT.

(Schado6) - MLife
Similar Build on 04/18/2013 18:30:42 MDT Print View

Josiah - Similar height/weight, I ordered Small and the jacket is still baggy enough to wear layers under. As for the pants, they were snug on me across thighs (ie minimal layering), very muscular thighs. If built more like a distance runner (lanky) rather than a fullback then shouldn't be an issue.

Josiah Vandervelde

Locale: Florida
THANKS! on 04/18/2013 19:17:47 MDT Print View

Thanks for all of your insight, I'm going to go with a small. Not too worried about using the pants.

driducks. on 04/19/2013 09:38:14 MDT Print View

They are loose.
But there is a reason.
You need to be able to move, without stressing them.


read that again.

I am 5-9, 155 lbs , I use medium.
The small jacket MIGHT work, the small pants will be both too tight and too short to hike in most likely.

My son is 5-8, 150 lbs, and I just got him a medium, he had a small.

I , intend to wear everything I have under it, and sleep in it when needed. So fleece and puffy have to fit, and still be able to move without stressing it.

Best thing you can do is order both sizes, and then decide.

Here is a pic of me wearing medium jacket, at clingmans dome on the AT, I weighed 159 lbs :driduck

Edited by livingontheroad on 04/19/2013 09:54:09 MDT.

Josh Brock

Locale: Outside
hem um on 04/19/2013 10:50:31 MDT Print View

I got the large frog togs and they were HYUGE. 5'11"+ 200. but they were perfect I just trimmed them to the size and fit I wanted and stitched them back up. trimmed the tops and added a shoe lace for the waist instead of the elastic band. Ill have to go back and weigh them but after I got done trimming them they weighed like 2 oz? or 4oz? I cant remember but I think it was 2 something(pants). I dont use the jacket as I prefer to use my gore shell(luxury).

Ill post again tonight when I get a chance. but trimming them to size is definately the way to go. I could easily take in the sides of a jacket also.

Note: These are disposable to me. I throw them out every year cause they just dont last. Also if you get these remember sil-nylon tape or something to repair them they do tear easily and get pin holse ect ect.

Edited by needsAbath on 04/19/2013 10:53:25 MDT.

just Justin Whitson
Re: hem um on 04/19/2013 10:58:06 MDT Print View

Tyvek tape works really well on Frogg Toggs, both dri ducks and other version.

I think what MB said regarding size though, is a very good point. Unfortunately, it also makes it worse for any bushwacking. The way i solved the bushwacking issue so far, is to put a very light, thin, and very breathable layer of Nixwaxed (or Grangers if you prefer) polyester or nylon shirt & pants on top of the Frogg Toggs.

bushwack on 04/19/2013 12:01:06 MDT Print View

dont even think about bushwacking in them, unless its wide open spaces. Definitely not in briars that grow in the woods in the southeast US.

Harald Hope

Locale: East Bay
durability, yep on 04/19/2013 12:13:04 MDT Print View

yeah, you can't get this light without sacrificing something. Bicycle builders say, actually I think it was Bontrager, strong light cheap, pick 2. These are the last two, clearly.

I believe that's an accurate statement re frogg toggs, I don't plan on using mine except for light 3 season, for rainy times I"ll bring a rain jacket that is strong and light, but not cheap.

Good point re the bagginess being required for them not to rip apart.

I'll stick with my silnylon rain pants though.

just Justin Whitson
Re: bushwack on 04/19/2013 13:07:18 MDT Print View

Hi M.B.,

I wasn't talking about any serious bushwacking, just going off trail some to make camp.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: bushwack on 04/19/2013 13:53:21 MDT Print View

I wear a nylon button up shirt over my dri ducks for anything off trail.

Edited by justin_baker on 04/19/2013 13:56:39 MDT.