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Jetboil Universal Pot Support as Emergency Esbit stove
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Daniel Fish

Locale: PDX
... on 04/16/2013 20:19:53 MDT Print View


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Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Jetboil Universal Pot Support as Emergency Esbit stove on 04/16/2013 21:28:00 MDT Print View

Given the increase in weight (probably undetectable as pack weight, but nonetheless higher), what benefits do you foresee with the Jetboil pot support?

I hope that comes off as a genuine question b/c I'm curious, rather than a snarky comment!

Daniel Fish

Locale: PDX
... on 04/16/2013 23:21:10 MDT Print View


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. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Dual use! on 04/20/2013 17:13:40 MDT Print View

Very neat, I like this idea, as I have the Sol Ti and had never thought of doing this and was carrying a Tri Wing stove as a back up.

Thanks for sharing.

Matthew Fantacia
Nice! on 04/22/2013 21:27:41 MDT Print View

We also have jetboil sol TI and flash. I was just looking to buy an esbit backup stove system, but now ill def be trying this little trick this weekend! Thanks.

Elijah Ziemann
(MrBlondyable) - F
Improvised esbit stove. on 04/23/2013 12:36:04 MDT Print View

I picked up one of those rings for free at a gear swap in my area. I don't have a JetBoil, but when I saw it, I instantly thought 'Put a plate into the bottom of that, and it'd be an awesome Esbit stove!' Super surprised that I saw this the very next day!

Gary Dunckel
(Zia-Grill-Guy) - MLife

Locale: Boulder
Improvised esbit stove on 04/23/2013 13:32:02 MDT Print View

One thing to consider--that setup positions the bottom of the JB pot 2" from the top of the Esbit tabe. The optimal tab-to-pot distance is between 1.25"-1.75". So, for better efficiency, you might want to elevate your tab .5" off the ground. You could use a Gram Cracker, for example, or make a tablet holder from the bottom of a Red Bull or mini Pepsi can. Either way will work, and it likely will make the Esbit tab more efficient by getting it off the cold ground.

Edit: Nope, the Pepsi can won't fit inside the center of the JB pot stand (I just checked). Maybe you could fashion a sort of Gram Cracker clone out of heavy duty aluminum foil to elevate the tab inside the center. Anyway, you'll need a windscreen for things to work well, unless it's a perfectly calm day.

Edited by Zia-Grill-Guy on 04/23/2013 13:51:10 MDT.

Tim Good
(tdg) - F

Locale: USA
Great idea on 05/02/2013 17:11:14 MDT Print View

Very cool idea, since I use the jet boil flash.