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Grand Canyon -- Rim to River to Rim in August Is this Stupid
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Joseph Castine
hike Grand Canyon on 06/26/2013 20:34:15 MDT Print View

I currently live and work here at he Grand Canyon. I usually hike down the South Kaibab trail, stay one night at Bright Angel campground and hike up the Bright Angel Trail. Currently the NPS recommend that you be at your destination before 10 AM. Hiking later, even on Bright Angel where there is water every 1.5 or 2 miles is really difficult. Temperatures this week will reach 117 degrees at Bright ANgel/Phantom Ranch. My times: down South Kaibab from trail head to tunnel before bridge four hours. Start hike at 5:30 AM. Up bright Ange trail to SOuth Rim 7 hours, departed BA at 4: AM. Remember, i live here and exercise by walking down Bright ANgel to the 1.5 rest and back in the AM before work. Check out my photo vids at or look up on youtube.

BTW I am planning a rim to rim, starting here on the South Rim, on July 20.

Chris Ramias
alternatives on 07/03/2013 23:36:05 MDT Print View

Like others have said, its certainly possible. Each year plenty of people do it safely. But imo as a AZ native, you shouldn't minimize the number of people in this thread who have said that while it is technically possible, its not really fun. Hiking in the desert in midsummer is just plain unenjoyable for most people. Its not like hiking say in winter, where the challenge only serves makes the experience more memorable and epic in the end. Its really not all that fun. Every year people try it, driven largely because summer is their vacation and the only time they have to visit the GC, and end up regretting it. If you're like me, you may be hard to dissuade once you've got an idea in your head, but I would at least have some other, more summer-friendly options in my back pocket if I were you. The rim hikes, although touristy, are excellent in the summer, and Mt Humphries, AZ's tallest peak, is only an hour south
of the GC and is also a great summer dayhike.

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stupid on 07/04/2013 13:51:49 MDT Print View

The problem I see, is that doing this type of thing solo, is the plan if you become injured is usually for someone else to bail you out.

What is your plan for a sprained ankle ? Are you carrying enough water to make it to help at IG on the way up, or PR on the way down at a slow pace in the heat?

If not, yes it falls under the "stupid" category.

Doing it in a group would be less so because you have help in case of problems.

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Joseph Castine
Grand Canyon North Rim on 08/20/2013 07:38:47 MDT Print View

Hi there,
did my Rim to Rim from July 20 to 25th. Nice slow trip, 2 days at Bright Angel CG, one night at Cottonwood, three nights at the North Rim CG. It was actually very cool at night. Monsoon season with rain and clouds. Many rangers had told me that July can be much nicer than June. It was. I had been down to Bright Angel CG four times from May to uly 20th, Don't forget that you do not need reservations for the hiker/biker campsites on the North and South Rim. Last picture in this video is my site. BTW, I camp without a tent and sleep on the picknick tables, a table-top sleeper.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Grand Canyon North Rim on 08/20/2013 07:45:09 MDT Print View

"Don't forget that you do not need reservations for the hiker/biker campsites on the North and South Rim. "

About 1/3 of the Bright Angel campsites are held back for walk-in permits. If you don't get one, you'll get first shot at the following morning's permit session. And walk-in reservations for BACG can only be made for two days in advance.

So you will need to make reservations and get a permit for BACG, but it is generally easy to accomplish.

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