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ESBIT: Simmering and Ultralight Baking
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Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Two more ways to dry bake, even more UL on 04/25/2013 12:13:06 MDT Print View

The first is a demo of a bake kit that will work with many wood burning stoves, using a ti foil heat shield, spacer, fold-flat baking pan, and foil hood. In the video, a QiWiz FireFly stove was used, but there is no reason you could not do this with an Emberlit, an Element, a Bushbuddy, a Woodgaz, or what have you. No pot is used for this method. Total weight of system is about 2/3 ounce.

The second is similar to the Epicurean method, in that you bake in your titanium pot, using Esbit as the fuel in a burner that extends heat output of a single cube to 30-35 minutes. The fold-flat ti foil burner and aluminum base are very light (4 grams for both). The same 8 gram fold-flat baking pan is used in your pot with a 2 gram spacer. Total weight of system is about 1/2 oz. In this video I use a QiWiz FireFly and a WindShield for the windscreen.

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Hikin' Jim
(hikin_jim) - MLife

Locale: Orange County, CA, USA
Re: Two more ways to dry bake, even more UL on 04/25/2013 12:49:08 MDT Print View

Hi, Rob,

The product is a bit smaller, but the process is definitely SUL. Thanks for sharing those.

Adventures In Stoving

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: HUH?? on 04/25/2013 18:33:41 MDT Print View

"I just don't "grasp the concept" of how either the Epicurian or ESBITMISER can control the ESBIT flame and lower it."

Eric, here are few vidioes that show how the Esbitmizer lowers the flame height.

I recently used my Esbitmizer under my Caldera-Keg to boil 2 cups of 50 degree water. It performed so well I could have easily filled the Foster's can full to the top and with one cube boiled it all. I used the tempered glass and mirror set-up to view the flames of the esbit burner to determin if the burner to pot distance was correct. It was determined that the burner needed to be shimmed up 3/4".

Read how the Esbitmizer came to be at

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

Re: Re: Two more ways to dry bake, even more UL on 04/26/2013 20:39:07 MDT Print View

I'm going to try my had at dry baking next week with esbit. I know how to bake with alcohol and water. This big blueberry muffin was made with 1 ounce of denatured an 1/3 cup water in a double boiler type set-up. After the water evaporates it goes into it's dry bake mode to brown the muffin. I just let the stove burn itself out. No need to watch it, never burns. User friendly, I like that.(fancee feest stove was used)