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Winter Gear Lists - Clothing/Sleep?
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Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Winter Gear Lists? Clothing & Sleep Systems on 12/15/2004 18:05:43 MST Print View

Just curious what y'all are carrying for clothing and sleep systems, and what kinds of winter environments you are dealing with for those systems. Please spec the # of days you are out with the intended list as well. Most interested in how/if you integrate soft shells into your system, seeing down vs. synthetic insulations, and bivy sack/tarp/tent use.

I had a recent overnighter on a ridge exposed to 20 mph winds but built up a snow wall around to shield my bivy site some. Snowing, low temps to 6-8 degrees F, high temps while on the ridge 16-18 deg F, humidity about 85%, elevation 9500, above the treeline. Here's what I took:


- ID South Col eVENT Bivy - 19 oz
- Nunatak Expedition Arc Alpinist (microlight shell, 0.85 lining, 3" loft) - 21 oz
- Zotte Foams 5mm x 20" x 60" pad (with pack under knees and feet) - 5 oz
- TorsoLite pad - 10 oz

Torso Clothing:

- Rab Vapor Trail Smock (worn all the time) - 14 oz
- Integral Designs eVENT Jacket (worn on ridge traverse) - 10 oz
- Rab Quantum Endurance Parka (worn at rests/in camp/sleeping, during the day on long level sections or downhills where I wasn't creating too much heat, and late in the day as the sun went down while still hiking along the ridge) - 22 oz

Clothing on Legs:

- Arc'Teryx Gamma MX Pants (worn all the time) - 19 oz
- Cocoon pants prototype (stay tuned, going to production in 3 wks!) (worn in camp/sleeping) - 9 oz


- Mt Hardwear Hammer Gloves - 6 oz
- (prototype) Featherlite Vapor Mitts - 4 oz (available at BPL in < 1 wk)
- OR WindPro Balaclava - 2 oz


- smartwool liner socks - 2 oz
- RBH Designs Vapor Barrier Socks - 3 oz
- Intuition Liners / Dynafit MLT4 Boots - 4 lb 12 oz

Conclusions: was a little nippy in the torso and legs unless I was moving pretty quick OR was wearing the down parka while moving, which was actually pretty nice - remember - while on the ridge we had steady winds of 15-25 mph so it was really cold up there. I even added the mitts here and there during the day quite a bit.

What I'd change: maybe add a fleece vest and some very light wind pants for that touch of extra warmth in the wind.

Steven Scates MD
(scatesmd) - MLife
bag choice for snow on 04/09/2005 22:40:58 MDT Print View

Hi Ryan,
I am writing in advance of my trip to the Sierras this next weekend and will update you with my results when I return.
I am trying hard to move to ultralight backpacking and am glad to see a recent gear list for the winter.
In some of your articles, you use a synthetic bag for winter, in others a down bag. One problem I am having with my synthetic bag (20 deg primaloft) is physically getting it into a light pack. If I compress it, it is too bulky and hard to fit into my Golite Infinity. It physically won't get in. For this reason alone, I am ordering an Arc bag.
Have you moved to synthetics for the snow of early spring/winter as noted in one of your articles or have you come back to down again? The volume of the bag seems to be the limit as to what pack I bring, so it seems a choice between a heavier, roomier pack or a down bag with its winter condensation issues.

Thanks for your help and I will let you know what happens.


(RavenUL) - F
Went out last weekend on 04/15/2005 13:14:41 MDT Print View

In the "blizzard of 05" as the news said... not a blizzard, but you know how accurate the TV news is *rolls eyes*

(weights are rounded to nearest .25lbs)

Pack - MountainSmith Ghost - 3lbs

Shelter - Bibler Hooped Bivy - 1.5lbs
Sleeping Bag - MontBell #4 - 2.5lbs
Full Length Sleeping Pad - Full length Blue Foam pad (cut to fit) - approx .5lbs
Torso Pad - POE Uber Micro - .25lbs

Hat - Montbell UL Field Cap - 1oz
Cold Hat - Combined Balaclava/watch cap - .25lbs

Uninsul. Cagoule - Homemade design - .75oz
Insul. Jacket - Montbell Thermawrap - .5lbs
Shirt - UnderArmour ColdGear - .75lbs
Kilt - SportKilt - 1lbs
Insulated "chaps" - Homemade design - .75lbs

Shell gloves - Marmot Trigger Finger Gore Tex - .5lbs
Insulated Gloves - Marmot "trigger finger" Primaloft - .25lbs
Liner Gloves - Marmot Evolution
N2S Gloves - 2oz

Socks - Smartwool 2 pairs - .5lbs
Booties - Integral Designs - .25lbs
Shoes - Merrell Chameleon XCR - 2.5lbs
Gaiters - Homemade Spandura - .25lbs

Cook set + Homemade Stove - .5lbs

Approx 15.75lbs

It was very snowy, but did not get extremely cold. I was able to keep warm while moving but cooled off when I stopped. However I was able to set up camp in a protected area, snuggled into my bag, and cooked dinner (not bear safe - but no known bears in the area). By bed time I was quite warm and comfortable. I woke cold around 0400, but since I usually get up around 0500, it was no big deal. Boiled water for tea and oatmeal, and was warm by 0430 and on the trail a little earlier than normal.

If I had the $, Id also include a Montbell "UL Sleeping Bag" which would up the weight about 1.25lbs, but I feel I would have stayed warm for at least the additional hour Im accustomed to.