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Child bag/quilt
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Daniel Saunders
(Boulderman) - F

Locale: Front Range
Child bag/quilt on 04/13/2013 19:48:23 MDT Print View

Made a bag/quilt for my son. He's only 2 months old right now (can ya tell I'm excited to go camping with him?!), so it should work as a bag for a couple of years, then work as a quilt when it becomes too narrow for bag use. I used 1 yd of 5 oz Climashield from Thru-Hiker and 2 yds of ripstop 2nds from DIY Gear Supply. Sewn footbox, zipper on the side, and shock cord on top for quilt use. 14.0 oz, on the dot. First quilt project, I think it turned out ok! I might follow up and make a 2.5 oz climashield quilt for myself in a few months now that I have an idea of how it works.

Basically followed the ideas from this thread:

Bag mode

Quilt mode

detail pic

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todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Child bag/quilt on 04/13/2013 20:13:15 MDT Print View

Wow that looks cozy! You're a good Dad.

I use a half bag from Wild Things (Epic shell w/Primaloft I believe) for my youngest that looks similar but without the zipper. She will outgrow it soon since it will no longer be big enough to use as a full bag, but it works great, and yours will too.

Very nice.

Kevin Schneringer
(Slammer) - MLife

Locale: Oklahoma Flat Lands
Looks fantastic on 04/13/2013 20:27:20 MDT Print View

Nice quilt gives me inspiration to build one for my little girl.

Thanks for list suppliers also. I had never heard of DIY Gear.
What's the estimated temp rating with the 5oz Climasheild?

Daniel Saunders
(Boulderman) - F

Locale: Front Range
Climashield temp rating on 04/13/2013 21:37:28 MDT Print View

Thanks for the comments! According to this thread:

the temp rating of 5 oz climashield is approx 25*. Pretty amazing stuff if that's accurate. Of course, we're not going to take our baby to those temps, but he should be warm enough for summer/fall camping this year.

He likes it so far!

baby in bag

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Adam Kilpatrick
(oysters) - MLife

Locale: South Australia
Re: Climashield temp rating on 05/14/2013 07:16:40 MDT Print View

This is (he is) gorgeous Daniel!

Our little Hannah is now 5 weeks, and we are going to Japan in July for almost a year...we will have lots of little adventures there! This is good to see how you did it :-)