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Idaho family sues USFS for $1M after tree hit son
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Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: "Idaho family sues USFS for $1M after tree hit son" on 04/18/2013 18:38:27 MDT Print View

"The latter would not surprise me. Maybe we should stop calling them "parks" and start calling them 'wilderness areas'"

Better yet, lets change them from Parks into actual Wilderness Areas.

Robin Maley
Legal nonsense on 05/03/2013 03:21:36 MDT Print View

If a tree falls in the forest ... does a lawyer hear it?

Sumi Wada
(DetroitTigerFan) - F

Locale: Ann Arbor
Re: Health Care on 05/03/2013 10:34:47 MDT Print View

>> one of the consequences is that when situations lie this occur insuance companies require law suits to recoop their costs


I broke an ankle while on a friend's boat and my insurance company harrassed me for a long time. They first seemingly casually asked for the name and address of the boat-owner and, when I refused to give it to them, they got aggressive about it, told me (threatened, really) that they may not pay for my medical care, etc. Basically told them to do what they had to do... and I'd do what I have to do. They called periodically with the same threats, sent me forms to fill out, etc. I just kept ignoring it. At some point, they stopped.