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WTB...Hiking Clothes **Size TALL**
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Sean Craig
( - MLife

Locale: Western NY
WTB...Hiking Clothes **Size TALL** on 04/10/2013 15:09:04 MDT Print View

I have the hardest time finding Tall Clothing Sizes...

Does anyone want to part with lightly used, synthetic or wool hiking clothes, size XLT (36" Waist, 36" Inseam)?

I know RailRiders has a few pairs of pants in Tall sizes, although none that are really light weight. Shirts are even harder to find (I usually stick with XL, even in Tall sizes).

Any insight on this topic is greatly appreciated, and if I can offer my services by taking the weight of unused synthetics/wool off your shoulders, all the better!

Thanks for reading!

Hoot Filsinger
(filsinger) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: WTB...Hiking Clothes **Size TALL** on 04/10/2013 18:05:45 MDT Print View

Hello Sean,
REI has their Adventures pants on sale in xl waist sizes with 36" inseam for $24. They also have their Endeavor pants in xl waists with a 36" inseam.

You probably have already checked out Eddie Bauer but they often have tall sizes that are not listed on their website. Give them a call and have them do a search for you. LL Beans also has some tall sizes.

Jolly Green Giant is very knowledgable about tall sizes and would be a helpful resource for you.


Sean Craig
( - MLife

Locale: Western NY
Fantastic! on 04/10/2013 18:52:12 MDT Print View

To be honest, I haven't checked the big box stores. Paying due respect to quality, I kind of chalked them up to the same category as The North Face or Osprey...not light enough.

Hoot, thanks for the post. I'll check them out right away. That's not to say I'm opposed to saving money on lightly used items, but it certainly opens up more options.


Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: Fantastic! on 04/10/2013 19:22:58 MDT Print View

Its funny how the big dudes know who each other are. And I, having a tiny wife, know who the other tiny girls/ guys with tiny girls are.

The makers of big/ tiny clothes definitely get some air time on this forum.

Rick Sutton
(rickcsutton) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Re:Tall Sizes on 04/11/2013 06:07:53 MDT Print View


I can feel your pain - smile. In street clothes, I typically wear a 34-36 length inseam and 36-38 sleeve length. When I started looking for the proper length hiking clothes back in 2006, the market was very thin and it still seems that way today. Like someone mentioned, REI does offer some selections in "TALL" versions (34 or 36), yet I would not call them UL pieces.

I ended up going for lighter items and just got used to wearing my pants a bit lower and got over the arms not being "quite" as long as I was used to. Now that I have been doing it this way for so long, it is just the norm for me. This said, Montbell XL pants have a 34" inseam and as long as the waist is a draw string cord, it works for me. I have been hiking in their old stretch wind pants (6 oz) since 2006. These are no longer made, yet they now offer some Dynamo wind pants (3 oz) that might work for you. I like the older model as they had 2 zippered front pockets.

I know Zpacks makes cuben fiber rain pants that I have heard some hikers wear all the time and they have held up very well. Joe at Zpacks can also make you a custom pair in you want some extra length. I am in the process of doing this for the rain pants, yet currently, don't plan on using them for everyday use right now.

Sadly, I think there is just not enough demand for these longer lengths so our pickings are slim. I may need to learn to sew when my old Montbell pants finally die - ha ha. Hope this helps and good luck with your search. Email me if you have any other questions as I'm sure we both are fighting the same battles.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
WTB...Hiking Clothes **Size TALL** on 04/11/2013 06:25:31 MDT Print View

Check out fly fishing apparel from LL Bean as well.

Sean Craig
( - MLife

Locale: Western NY
Here's to Community! on 04/11/2013 10:16:20 MDT Print View

Being that we are in the minority, it's great to share experiences with other people in similar positions!

I'm afraid I've had to wear clothes that way for years already. I intend to remedy that as best as possible. Not sure how those that wear cuben everyday manage sweat. Besides, they would be expensive everyday pants for the beating I put on my clothes. When a tailor or seamstress starts making affordable custom made, UL everyday clothes, I sure will be interested!

I wouldn't have thought to do that. I will now.

Thanks everyone for your input!

Still more than willing to accept offers of lightly used clothes.

Lachlan Fysh
(lachlanfysh) - M
long pants on 04/12/2013 07:00:51 MDT Print View

Arc'teryx do 35" inseam pants as an option across the range. marmot scree is available in long (35 again I think) and prana do at least the zion pants in a 34" inseam (which felt more like 36" on me).

Jackets-wise I've been very happy with patagonia in all my purchases (I'm wearing an R2 right now, the sleeves of which are too long if anything). Strangely I still find their shirts and pants too short in the sleeves/legs, but jackets are dead on for 6'3" skinny with long limbs (ie I wear medium and still get the length I need).

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Ben Crocker
(alexdrewreed) - M

Locale: Kentucky
Long clothes on 04/12/2013 07:49:08 MDT Print View

It seems there is a lot of big AND tall clothing out there but little for people who are just tall.
I have tried EB stuff. The length is good. I have 38' arms. But its pretty thick in the body too.
Some brands don't advertise as being tall/long but are. I have always found Stoic gear to be pretty nice and long in the arms for the most part. I just picked up some Montane windpants that have pretty good length.
I have mostly just accepted that shirts are not going to make it down to my wrists.

Mark Hespenheide

Locale: Wasatch and Redrock
More options... on 04/12/2013 09:26:02 MDT Print View

6'4", 180# here.

I'll point out one deal that I just picked up:
(Marmot soft shell pants in long)

REI has a search category for "Men's Tall" clothing:'s+Tall+Clothing

And, if you're willing to dig through it, both LL Bean and Eddie Bauer (including their "First Ascent" line) have some tall/long options in their collections.

Another name that most Americans aren't familiar with are Craghoppers/Bear Gryllis. They seem to carry long (36" inseams) periodically through the year, and are closed-out once or twice a year. Note that the Bear Gryllis pants are cut "tight", so you'll probably want to order up on waist size.

Beyond that, I've found that Rab, Mammut, some Salomon and MontBell and Stoic, (and some Patagonia jackets) are cut quite slim compared to most American companies so that if I go up one size, I get the right length without a gigantically oversized body.

Good luck,

Mark Hespenheide

Locale: Wasatch and Redrock
WTB on 04/12/2013 09:29:22 MDT Print View


If there's anything specific that you're looking for, drop me a PM. I'm more like a medium-tall, or slim large, though.

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