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Sierra High Route July 2013
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Jeff Issenberg

Locale: SF Bay Area/Sierras
Sierra High Route June 29 - July 6, 2013 on 04/08/2013 21:13:41 MDT Print View

See Details below in my 5/12/13 post. We are looking for a few more hiking partners!

Photo from my last SHR trip

My window for this trip is from July 1 - July 25. I'd like to make it a 7-18 day trip, depending on what others have time for.

From 2000 to 2004 I did 3 one week trips on the SHR. For a variety of reasons I haven't been able to make it happen since then and now things are finally in place to get back there, a goal that's become somewhat of an organizing principal in my life.

I'm open to doing any part of the route. It would most likely be a point to point trip with a car shuttle. I'd want to include one or two class 2 climbs up a peak in close proximity to the route. I'm closely rereading Roper's Sierra High Route Traversing the Timberline Country. I've printed Andrew Skurka's Mapset and have also found Wikipedia and On The Trail to be a useful resources. In terms of pace I'm thinking 10-12 miles and 1500-2500'per day

Please let me know if you are interested in this trip or know of others who might be or if you are planning something similar that I could join. I'd consider doing other similar kinds of trips in other locals.

I'm in the process of becoming a backpack leader in my local Sierra Club chapter, but won't have all the requirements met until September and thus can't post a trip on the chapter calendar until then.



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In Active
(blatargh) - F
RE: SHR July 2013 on 04/18/2013 11:21:00 MDT Print View

I have two weeks vacation and will be available to start hiking July 7th. I would like to join you on this trek.

Piotr Pawlowski
(ppawlowski) - MLife

Locale: Garden State
Re: Sierra High Route July 2013 on 04/24/2013 20:54:04 MDT Print View


I would be interested in the southern part of SHR. I did a section from Devil's Postpile to Tuolumne Meadows couple of years ago. I can only go for about a week but if you plan a longer trip I could join you for a portion.

Jeff Issenberg

Locale: SF Bay Area/Sierras
Re: Sierra High Route July 2013 on 05/04/2013 10:36:53 MDT Print View

Hi Piotr,
Going for a week and doing a part of the southern portion is what I've been thinking about most recently. Eric is most likely not able to do the trip. I'll send you a pm so we can connect and have phone conversation. It'd be good to have a group of 3-5 on this. I want to encourage others to join this trip.

Jeff Issenberg

Locale: SF Bay Area/Sierras
Sierra High Route June 29 - July 7, 2013: The Details on 05/12/2013 08:50:22 MDT Print View

Where: The middle segment of the SHR, Ch 4 in Ropers's Sierra High Route in reverse North to South, Devil's Postpile to Lake Italy.

Roper's description: "Even though the central portion of the High Route negotiates two major east-west ridges--the Mono and Silver divides--it still remains the easiest of the five segments. With only a few challenging sections, the segment extending from Lake Italy northward to Devil's Postpile traverses a magnificent landscape blessed with an inordinate share of gentle granite slabs..." (p. 135-136)

-Friday, June 28 - Arrive in Oakland, CA if carpooling to the Sierras with us
-Saturday, June 29 - Leaving Oakland early, no latter than 10:30 am. Picking up our reserved wilderness permit at the Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center by 4:30 pm. Renting a car to do the car shuttle, putting my car at the exit Pine Creek trailhead. Returning to Mammoth Lakes and Car camping at 9,000 feet at Cold Water Campground in the Mammoth Lakes area to start acclimatizing.
-Sunday, June 30 - Entering the wilderness at the Red Cones Mammoth Pass trailhead at Horseshoe Lake
-6 days on the SHR, to perhaps include a rest day and climbing a Class 2 peak or two in close proximity to the SHR. Approximately 45 total miles, mostly off trail.
-Saturday, July 6 - Exiting the SHR at Pine Creek early in the day.

This trip is on. Wilderness permit has been reserved. Piotr has purchased flights.

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Jeff Issenberg

Locale: SF Bay Area/Sierras
details about the pace on 05/24/2013 11:25:19 MDT Print View

I've just worked out the details about the pace.

Approximately 45 miles, mostly off trail
7 days total
½ day for an ascent of a nearby peak
Maybe one ½ or full rest day
Aiming for last day as short milage day (3 mi from Upper Pine Lake to exit trailhead) to exit early in the day
42 miles over 4.5 days (6 - 1.5) = approximately 10 mi per day pace, but since these are mostly off trail it will take about 30-40% more time than 10 mi would on trail.

dale stuart
(onetwolaugh) - M

Locale: Pacific NW
Sierra High Route on 05/26/2013 20:18:50 MDT Print View

I am heading out solo 7/10 (coming across from Onion Valley) Hope I do not spin too much as you zoom by me. :-)