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GR20 and HRP
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Jan S
GR20 and HRP on 04/05/2013 16:24:09 MDT Print View

So, I'd like to walk the GR 20 and HRP this summer starting mid June. I have planned about 3 weeks for the GR 20 and hope to be able to climb some peaks and have a look around instead of blasting through there. With a couple days to get from Corsica to the start of the HRP it would mean that I would start walking in the Pyrenees around the 10 July.

As I understand it around that time there is probably a bit of snow remaining. If possible I'd like to avoid carrying any gear for that though. Does anyone who has done the HRP know wether snowy areas are easy to avoid and if you walk around them do you miss a lot? Also, which direction would be best to give the snow more time to melt. East - west or west - east?

Should I decide to carry snow gear, any recommendations? As far as I can see the Camp Corsa would be the best ice axe. Are there any other self arrest tools that work well? Also could anyone who has used microspikes tell me how well (or not) they work? At the moment I don't think they look very trusty, but I have zero experience with them.

And I'm a type 1 diabetic and in my experience I need quite a lot of sugar at some point. Does anyone know if the shops on the way sell sugary sweets (i.e. low fat, high suger)?


Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: GR20 and HRP on 04/05/2013 16:45:38 MDT Print View

"And I'm a type 1 diabetic and in my experience I need quite a lot of sugar at some point."

Have you considered carrying a big bag full of glucose tablets? They go from your mouth to your stomach to your blood stream pretty fast.


Jan S
Re: Re: GR20 and HRP on 04/05/2013 16:53:52 MDT Print View

Sure. But I might have to carry quite a lot of them if I'm away from home for more then a month. Sugar is used here with the meaning of something sweet. I admit I'm a bit lost when it comes to specialised terms for foods or ingredients. I know them in German though ;)

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: GR20 and HRP on 04/06/2013 03:25:38 MDT Print View

How much snow is on the tops will vary from year to year. It is not predictable.

Start at Hendaye in the west: that will give any snow the best chance of melting before you get there.

I carry a Steve Evans carbon fibre/titanium ice axe. Very light, and has worked very well (like last year). Or you could try a 'Potty Trowel' axe: carbon fibre and aluminium.

Shops - not so many on the HRP. More on the GR10. Sweets - very popular with kids, so very likely!


Jan S
Re: Re: GR20 and HRP on 04/06/2013 07:16:41 MDT Print View

"How much snow is on the tops will vary from year to year. It is not predictable."

I know. And I was rather hoping to find out a) how much of the route is actually snow prone and b) if taking a lower route without missing the best part can be done.

"I carry a Steve Evans carbon fibre/titanium ice axe."

I saw the MYOG article here and they do look sweet. And a bit pricey for something I usually don't need. Sadly. I aso read your potty trowel review and it was the first thing I tried to find. But ULA doesn't build them any longer apparently.

Hart -
(backpackerchick) - MLife

Locale: Planet Earth
Me too. on 06/09/2013 22:24:40 MDT Print View


You may have already left!

I hope to these both this summer as well!

I started a thread a week or so ago in regard to the Pyrenean Traverse that has generated some useful info, IMO. There is a post there by another member who also has Type 1 DM, I think.

Look forward to watching this thread.


PS. As for the gear, I will also take CAMP Corsa 60cm and Katoohla Microspikes...depending on reports. I would like to do some of the classic peaks and for these I think there is a good possibility that slightly sturdier footwear and appropriate strap on crampons might be preferable. I would like to find a way to have the gear when I need it and not carry it when I don't...without just giving away too much stuff! Those are my initial feelings. Anyway, I don't think it is worth getting all excited about specific gear. There are options and no, I don't think using an alternative routing here and there will detract from the spirit of the traverse! HRP is a "concept" not a strict routing...isn't that what Joosten says?

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