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AT Delware Water Gap
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christopher witter
(cwitter) - MLife

Locale: Mid Atlantic
AT Delware Water Gap on 05/01/2007 19:33:51 MDT Print View

I went hiking on the AT in NJ Delaware Water Gap. It was the first week in April and it flurried off and on most of the trip, low temps were in the 20's and highs were in the mid 40s. Above the grade on the ridges it got quite windy and with the wind chill during the day I would estimate that it was in the upper 20's. I didn't see any bears only signs that they were waking up. I have hiked this area many, many times but the rocks don't get any easier. I was wearing lightweight hiking boots and carrying ~40lbs using hiking poles and was very careful with my foot placement and still managed to beat up my feet..... Must have been the mileage. Here are the pictures.

Warning there are some graphic images, two wicked blisters, my purple feet, bear scat, and some rabbit remains.

Frank Perkins

Locale: North East
Re: AT Delware Water Gap on 08/26/2007 10:37:41 MDT Print View

Hey Chris,

I did a hike from Stokes to the Delaware Water Gap along the AT a few years back. Did you happen to post your gear list?


christopher witter
(cwitter) - MLife

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Gear List... on 08/26/2007 20:42:01 MDT Print View

Here is my gear list while close, it is not complete. I carried on average 3-4 liters of water (I drink alot), (2) 32 oz bottles in the front attached to my shoulder straps and (1) 2 liter platy in back. My boots aren't listed either but then again I am sure I am missing other things as well.

Category Item Weight (oz)
Backpack Golite Jam 2 21.55
Clothing Backup Liner Socks 0.80
Clothing Backup Socks - Gray and White 3.90
Clothing Campmor Fleece Bottoms 200 weight 13.75
Clothing Campmor Fleece Top 200 weight 16.05
Clothing Liner Socks - Rohner 0.60
Clothing MLD Event Mitts - Large 1.20
Clothing Polartec XL 200 Weight Zip 11.00
Clothing Ragwool Gloves 3.40
Clothing Ragwool Sleeping Socks 4.45
Clothing REI Fleece Jacket 25.85
Clothing REI MTS boxers 4.05
Clothing REI MTS Expedition Top 11.95
Clothing Smartwool Beanie 1.85
Clothing Smartwool Midweight Bottom 7.65
Clothing Smartwool Midweight top 10.30
Clothing Smartwool T-Shirt 6.05
Clothing Winter Snow Pants 17.75
Clothing Wool Socks Blue and White 3.25
Cooking Coleman 70/30 220g Canister 13.45
Cooking Oven Pan Windscreen 0.80
Cooking SnowPeak Gigapower Ti 3.85
Cooking SnowPeak Solo Cozy 0.90
Cooking SnowPeak Solo Kit 5.90
Cooking SnowPeak Ti Spork 0.55
Eating 2 nights 3 days 73.10
F Aid/ E Gear 50 ft Paracord 550 2.30
F Aid/ E Gear 9 hr candle 1.75
F Aid/ E Gear First Aid Kit 4.00
F Aid/ E Gear Hacksaw Blade 0.45
F Aid/ E Gear Magnesium Fire Starter 1.20
F Aid/ E Gear Sewing Kit 0.50
F Aid/ E Gear Signal Mirror 1.35
F Aid/ E Gear Space Blanket 1.90
F Aid/ E Gear Whistle Combo, Matches 1.35
Hydration 32 oz Powerade Bottle 3.80
Hydration Aquamira 3.15
Knife Gerber Gator w/Sheath 2.95
Misc 4 binder clips 0.40
Misc 45 ft Nylon 1.55
Misc AAA 1.60
Misc Bear Bag line 1.10
Misc Book 16.00
Misc Camera 42.35
Misc Camo Bandana 1.15
Misc Campmor Thermometer 0.25
Misc Half a PackTowel 0.60
Misc Large Gregory Belt Pack 2.10
Misc Metal Flute 1.10
Misc Mini Beaner 0.40
Misc MP3 with headphones 3.70
Misc Orange PackTowel Washcloth 0.35
Misc PrincetonTec Quad 3.45
Misc Purell 2.30
Misc Red Pen 0.15
Misc Stuff Sack - light Brown 2.80
Misc Stuff sack Slumberjack Sleeping Bag 2.45
Misc Toilet Paper 0.80
Misc Ultrapod 1.70
Navigation Silva Compass 1.40
Rain Gear DriDuck XL Pants 5.80
Rain Gear DriDucks XL Jacket 8.05
Shelter Gutter Nail Stake 0.90
Shelter MLD 9 x 5 Tarp - Monk 9.20
Shelter MLD Stake Bag 0.15
Shelter MLD Tarpline 1.00
Shelter MLD Ti Stakes 2.40
Shelter Party City Ground Cloth 5.40
Sleeping Bag TNF Beeline 900 18.90
Sleeping Pad Max Thermo 3/4 17.45
Sleeping Pad Ridge Rest 12.30

Total Weight of Selected Items 457.90