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Zpacks bug net vs. Gossamer Gear bug canopy
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Cesar Valdez
(PrimeZombie) - F

Locale: Scandinavia
Zpacks bug net vs. Gossamer Gear bug canopy on 04/05/2013 14:02:42 MDT Print View

I already own the bug net, but the GG canopy is much lighter and also pretty affordable at 35 bucks. Not sure how easy the canopy is to use/set up, or how effective it is at keeping all the bugs at bay. However I did notice it on a very seasoned thru-hiker's gear list recently, and this person has the same tarp as I do.

My bug net clocks in at 213g/7.5oz, GG website specs say the canopy is 72g/2.5oz.

For use with a Zpacks Hex solo tarp on section hikes in Scandinavia from May-September.

Let another nit-picky debate begin!

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Herbert Sitz

Locale: Pacific NW
groundsheet w/canopy on 04/05/2013 15:16:07 MDT Print View

As I understand it the ZPacks Bug Shelter is fully enclosed with netting and includes integrated groundsheet. GG Bug Canopy is basically a piece of netting that goes over head/chest/torso. At a minimum, won't you have to add a groundsheet to the bug canopy, bringing "comparable" weight up to 5oz or so? Not that they're necessarily even comparable at those weights, b/c of lack of coverage of canopy, but you get what I mean. . .

Edited by hes on 04/05/2013 15:16:57 MDT.

Cesar Valdez
(PrimeZombie) - F

Locale: Scandinavia
Re: groundsheet w/canopy on 04/05/2013 15:37:55 MDT Print View

I plan on using a groundsheet with either choice. For the bug net, it has a Cuben floor (the thicker one, can't remember the exact number, think it's 1.4), and while that is pretty tough, it's also expensive, plus I often use an inflatable sleeping mat, and I am a bit paranoid and if anything it soothes a psychological need.

The ground sheet I use is 43g/1.5oz--a garbage bag cut in half the long way. This also doubles as a ghetto rain skirt.

Karple T

Locale: Mid-Alantic
"Zpacks bug net vs. Gossamer Gear bug canopy" on 04/05/2013 19:13:22 MDT Print View

Cesar -

I have both and prefer being fully inclosed because of fear of ticks in the
Mid-Atlantic area of USA. (It's going to be a very bad year for them)

If not for that I would be using the GG this summer but I know others who don't worry as much about it.

I have met a few folks who's lives have been destroyed by lymes desease and don't want to chance it.

Hamish McHamish
(El_Canyon) - M

Locale: USA
enclosure on 04/05/2013 19:21:26 MDT Print View

"...prefer being fully inclosed because of fear of ticks..."

Same here. Full enclosure makes it easier to protect your gear from the crawlers too, though I guess you could cram stuff in there with you under the GG net.

The crawlers can be as bad as the flyers sometimes.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Zpacks bug net vs. Gossamer Gear bug canopy on 04/06/2013 13:32:46 MDT Print View

Regarding tick protection,
Ticks are not much into crawling. You tend to get them from brushing against foliage.
Their method is to climb plants and wait until something brushes into them.

Ants on the other hand, are crawlers.
I like an enclosed net because I hate waking to ants crawling all over me in the morning because I laid my groundcloth over an ant bed.