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Philmont Cooking 2013
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Ernie Delcher
(EFD57) - F

Locale: Northern New Jersey
Philmont Cooking 2013 on 04/05/2013 07:20:38 MDT Print View

Hello friends! Now that trek selection is done it is time to put the finishing touches on our gear so that our remaing shakedown trips are as close to reality as possible. Our July trek leaves in 99 days!

Although we had planned on cooking using the turkey bag/freezer bag method the latest ruling from PSR is that these methods are not allowed. I don't want to open that can-o-worms again so let me just state that we are approaching it from the 100% compliance point-of-view (i.e. we are not going to use a different cooking method after the ranger leaves).

With all of that said I am looking for advice on number of pots, pot sizes, and stoves.

Our crew is full with 12 trekkers. We currently have 1 MSR Reactor (w/1.7 L pot), 1 MSR WisperLite International, and the typical scout troop smattering of cook sets.

Seems like PSR wants a crew to carry two 8Q pots plus a 4Q (or an 8Q, 6Q, & 4Q). I would like to go as light as possible but still have what is required.

What would you recomend that a 12 person crew carry for cooking gear this year knowing the prefered PSR cooking/clean up method?


Dan Lee
(scoutbuff) - MLife

Locale: Colorado
COOK POTS FOR PHILMONT... on 04/05/2013 11:38:24 MDT Print View

We took a 6Q and a 4Q last summer with two MSR PRs. We used turkey bags to line the cook pot (won't go there...)

If my feeble brain remembers correctly, there was only one meal that seemed to be more than the 6Q could handle but we managed. We heated water in the 4Q and then "cooked" in the 6Q.

A couple of things that I think worked well for us was to (1) bring our own aluminum pots (Open Country brand) and (2) make pot cozies to save fuel.

We already had a 6Q pot and then bought another two 4Qs online. (Did not take the second 4Q on trail.) I would encourage you to have your own pots to save time/anguish during gear turn-in. I think the only PSR gear we used was the strainer, spatulator, bear bags and rope. Turn-in was simple...

Have fun!

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cook on 04/08/2013 20:05:16 MDT Print View

On the tooth of time traders site, they have a written cooking/wash water procedure. Boil water, add food to water, cover and remove from heat.

Apparently, they changed their minds, or are just schizophrenic , and now have a video out showing you how to cook a different way.

Here is what it shows :

1. Boil a big 8q pot of water with about 6qts of water and sterilize dishes and spoons for 30 sec each.

(Hmm. done individually that probably 15 minutes of fuel at a rolling boil, might want to do several at a time, at least all spoons at once-put on shower ring.)

2. Pour water into another big pot with the food, and make a soupy mess, but not too soupy, can always add more water later. Cover and let sit.

3. Use remaining 2.5 qts hot water for wash water.

With a crew of 12 + ranger = 13, you will need the big 8qt pot for cooking single pot. The largest meals make 3 cups cooked, x 7 meals (with ranger) = 21 cups = 5.25 qts. A little close for comfort in a 6 qt if you are going to stir it.

However, you only need a 4 qt pot to boil a single batch of food water (3.5 qts for 7 meal bags) if you measure it, and heat wash water afterwards . Whether they make you take a 4, 6, or another 8 qt is anyones guess.

I would say, take the big pot. And no matter what they tell you, take the smaller pot that you want. Leave any other in crew locker and pretend it was a mistake.

Do the same for oops bag rope if they try to make you bring a 1/4" rope for 15 lb oops bag. Its your trek. Period. As long as you are not being unsafe ,or violating LNT, (and philmont is far from LNT) do it your way.

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Wade Ford
(cwford) - MLife

Locale: NTX
Re Philmont cooking on 04/28/2013 21:35:59 MDT Print View

We went last year with a crew of 12 + ranger. We took 2 open country 4qt pots and 2 MSR windpro stoves -- that was plenty. Many of our meals we were able to cook in a single pot. The ranger shared with us his secret to cooking the Phil meals -- Use only about 75% of the water called for. If necessary add water after the hydration period was up - though I don't recall the boys ever doing this.
We also had pot cozies and they were tremendous. There were a couple of times that we (the adults) were late getting back from advisor coffee and the meal was still too hot to eat.