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Is there something you eat in the backcountry that you don't eat otherwise?
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Fitz Travels
Chocalate on 08/06/2013 20:01:44 MDT Print View

In the winter and on super cold nights that either push or destroy my sleeping system, i buy Hersheys bars and eat one whenever i wake up cold, usually around 4 am. I thinks it helps out a lot. Other then those times, i rarely eat chocalate.

. .
(RogerDodger) - F

Locale: (...)
... on 08/06/2013 21:32:16 MDT Print View


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Kevin Burton
(burtonator) - F

Locale: norcal
Everything. on 08/07/2013 10:53:48 MDT Print View

Pretty much EVERYTHING I can't eat when I'm back in the world.

I eat paleo so all this food makes me sick and fat over time.

but when I"m in the woods it really isn't a problem and I've gotten pretty good at cutting back to regular foods after a trip.

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
"Is there something you eat in the backcountry that you don't eat otherwise?" on 08/07/2013 11:05:17 MDT Print View

Pretty much everything I pack to go camping is something I don't eat normally:
-freeze dried meals
-Instant mash potato singles
-Instant hot chocolate
-Starbucks Via
-Slim Jims

Piper S.
(sbhikes) - F

Locale: Santa Barbara (Name: Diane)
Re: Everything. on 08/07/2013 18:14:24 MDT Print View

I eat paleo, too, but I bring my paleo food backpacking because it's so damn good.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Roasted marmot... on 08/08/2013 10:40:04 MDT Print View

... and Payday Bars. I never have a craving for them when I'm home but I'll destroy a Payday bar in the back 40.

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: "Is there something you eat in the backcountry that you don't eat otherwise?" on 08/08/2013 11:17:13 MDT Print View

I do almost entirely fresh cooking at home, so anything pre-packaged dried or instant is different for me. Most candy and junk food I do not like, and so those don't come on the trail either. The stuff I do like I also eat at home; no weird on-trail cravings. I watched Skurka's videos about his Alaska Yukon trip and saw all the neat, precisely measured bags of junk food and...while I'd eat that stuff if I were hungry enough, the thought of deliberately planning an expedition menu around pringles and m&ms makes me vaguely ill.

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Lee Oz
(LeeOz) - F

Locale: NY
An all-time American favorite on 08/08/2013 11:55:40 MDT Print View

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.. I'm not a big fan usually but on a backpacking trip I'll eat whatever I feel is needed.

Also beef jerky, candy/energy bars and hot chocolate packets filled with chemicals and high fructose corn syrup; items I tend to avoid nowadays. It feels good to indulge in 'nasties' couple of times a year.

Dave Heiss

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Sardines on 08/08/2013 13:48:24 MDT Print View

Never touch 'em at home, but in the woods, with crackers... oh yeah.