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First multitool / knife
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Sean Passanisi
(passanis) - MLife
First multitool / knife on 04/01/2013 19:20:45 MDT Print View

Hello. I'm looking to purchase my first multitool/knife for basic trail hiking and backpacking. I don't have a specific use case, but I imagine I might find myself in a situation where I need a blade, scissors, etc. Based on some of the threads I found below, it seems like the Victorinox Classic is a good choice. The Spyderco Ladybug also looks interesting. Does anyone have any additional input for someone buying their first blade?


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Andrew Urlacher
(anarkhos) - M

Locale: Colorado, Wyoming
Re: First multitool / knife on 04/01/2013 19:31:34 MDT Print View

If all you are looking for is a small blade for food prep and some scissors for first aid applications then the Victorinox Classic is your best bet. The tweezers can also be handy if you ever hike through prickly stuff.

Anything from Spyderco is excellent. But personally I prefer having scissors, much more practical for most everything you will need on trail. Except in winter conditions I almost never bring more than my Swiss Army Knife for basic trail backpacking.

I am a guy who LOVES my big blades, saws, and axes for woodcraft and winter bushcraft, but for standard on trail excursions you will never need more than a Victorinox Classic. Don't waste money on a fancy locking folder or fixed blade if you don't have a planned use for it.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: First multitool / knife on 04/01/2013 20:05:59 MDT Print View

I agree 100% with Andrew. Inexpensive too. Win, win.

Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Ummmm on 04/01/2013 20:55:22 MDT Print View

Leatherman Style

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Leatherman micra on 04/01/2013 20:56:17 MDT Print View

the Leatherman Micra is an excellent pair of scissors with a spring, plus tweezers, a blade, screwdrivers for glasses and headlamps, and a handy file.

I dig!

Andrew Urlacher
(anarkhos) - M

Locale: Colorado, Wyoming
Re: Re: First multitool / knife on 04/01/2013 21:02:57 MDT Print View

A Leatherman Juice S2 would also be good if you wanted fully functional pliers. 4.4 ounces I think.

Gregory Stein
(tauneutrino) - F

Locale: Upper Galilee
another +1 for Letherman Style on 04/03/2013 12:48:40 MDT Print View

It's only 24 gram, but has the following:
0) Spring-action Scissors
1) Knife
2) Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
3) Nail File
4) Tweezers

For $17 delivered it's a best UL multitool.

Edited by tauneutrino on 04/03/2013 12:51:21 MDT.