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Like New Gear For Sale!
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Dean Weber
Like New Gear For Sale! on 03/31/2013 18:18:08 MDT Print View

Due to an injury I am looking to sell some gear. I am open to legitimate offers. Please no lowballs, I am just trying to recover some invested funds.

Marmot Helium Regular down 15 degree sleeping bag – Used once in backyard – $275
Mountain Hardware Regular Phantom 32 degree down sleeping bag – never used - $200
MSR Hubba Hubba Tent 2 person w/ footprint – used twice in backyard - $250
Sitkagear Bivy 45 Pack – Mountain Mimicry - $275
Snow Peak Gigapower stove with wind shield – sorry, plastic case has bite marks from my dog but still useable – used 4X - $35
Snowpeak titanium cup/pot with lid and spork – used 4X - $25
Big Agnes sleeping pad Insulated Air Core (20x72.5x2.5) – never used – $50
Sweetwater filter set – used 12X – new filter – $50
Dry sack – New - Free to first person to buy $200 worth of gear
Email for quicker communication.

Shipping is included in any item over $200. otherwise shiping will depend on the item and where shipped.


Edited by webah on 04/01/2013 00:26:35 MDT.

josh woods
(rambo) - F

Locale: sandiego ca
big agnes pad? on 03/31/2013 19:13:19 MDT Print View

what model pad is it? thanks

JP Hiker
snow peak on 03/31/2013 19:23:33 MDT Print View

What size is the snow peak cup?

Edited by Dustkicker on 03/31/2013 19:24:53 MDT.

Alan Specketer
(Specky) - F
Sitka/ MSR/ Snw Peak on 03/31/2013 22:13:03 MDT Print View

email sent on the above. Cheers

Dean Weber
Re: big agnes pad? on 04/01/2013 00:02:58 MDT Print View

Its the Insulated Air Core.

Dean Weber
Re: snow peak on 04/01/2013 00:03:39 MDT Print View

700/.7 liter

Dean Weber
Sleeping Bags on 04/01/2013 00:04:32 MDT Print View

Bags are regular length

Dean Weber
Stove and Titanium Cup - SPF on 04/01/2013 00:09:23 MDT Print View

Sold pending funds

Snow Peak stove
Snow Peak cup/spork

Vincent Lefler
Re: Like New Gear For Sale! on 04/01/2013 00:33:05 MDT Print View

Dean, I'll buy the MH Phantom Bag.

Dean Weber
Re: Re: Like New Gear For Sale! on 04/01/2013 00:47:23 MDT Print View

Vince, I answered your email, do you want the pad?

Vincent Lefler
MH bag on 04/01/2013 00:50:47 MDT Print View

Dean, I'll just take the bag for now. Thanks.

Dean Weber
Phantom Bag on 04/01/2013 09:19:06 MDT Print View


The bag is SPF to another member who replied in email with "I will take it". Sorry, but I have to give it to him as his email was prior to your reply.

Dean Weber
To avoid confusion on 04/01/2013 09:23:27 MDT Print View

I will answer all of your emails. However, if you want an item, I advise you to post on the site "I will take it" so that it is fair for everybody. Please do not say I will take it and then try to negotiate. Just trying to be considerate.

Dean Weber
update on 04/01/2013 11:05:26 MDT Print View

MH Phantom Bag - sold
Snowpeak stove - sold
Snow peak Cup/spork - sold

All emails returned.

Dean Weber
Gear ffor sale - Update on 04/03/2013 20:24:07 MDT Print View

Hubba Tent is sold