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Patagonia Nano Puff / R3 / Nano Puff Hybrid - North River Outfitter
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Jared Baker
(simply_light) - MLife

Locale: Midwest, US
Patagonia Nano Puff / R3 / Nano Puff Hybrid - North River Outfitter on 03/29/2013 04:27:22 MDT Print View

North River Outfitter:

Looks like they are currently running some clearance specials on Patagonia items.

Code: Bunny or Matchbook are currently giving 20% off and there is free shipping over $50.

Some highlights:

Men's Nano Puff - $80
Men's Nano Puff Hybrid - $56
Men's R3 Hi-Loft - $48

As usual size and colors are limited, but they had other Patagonia items on sale as well.

Hope someone benefits.

oliver hulland
Sweet deal! on 03/29/2013 07:03:34 MDT Print View

That's a screaming deal on the Nano Puff Hybrid. I've been intrigued for a while, and decided to bite the bullet if only to wear around the house. I'm a fan of orange, though, so I might be in the minority here.

Jared Baker
(simply_light) - MLife

Locale: Midwest, US
Hybrid on 03/29/2013 07:42:40 MDT Print View

I went with the hybrid as well. Not a huge fan of the color combo, but for the price, I figured I would give it a try.

oliver hulland
sold out on 03/29/2013 10:15:51 MDT Print View

And they're gone.

David H
(Amarony) - F - M

Locale: South Dakota
Cancelled on 04/01/2013 13:54:17 MDT Print View

Well time to scratch these bozos off the list of retailers I'll order from. I got in an order right away the day this sale went on and got this today:

Greetings from NRO,

Thank you for your recent order! Due to the unusually high order volume last Thursday/Friday our inventory system was overwhelmed and unable to maintain an accurate count, and the item you selected has sold out. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this caused. Please note your credit card has not been charged, and your order has been cancelled.


Jordo _99
(jordo_99) - MLife

Locale: Nebraska
...I thought that was a very reasonable response... on 04/01/2013 15:43:56 MDT Print View

...if they sell out of the item before they can process your order they really can't do much else for you.

Here's exactly what they did:

They gave you a full refund, a professionally written apology and notified of this in a reasonably quick time span (remember, this happened over the weekend and they likely didn't have staff around to pack/process orders).

It stinks that you got an order in and it didn't go through but I honestly don't see what they did wrong here.

Amazon, the biggest online store in the world, did the same thing to me last week. I bought a keyboard for my computer and it initially told me I would receive it in 2-3 days. The next day I found out that it was back ordered and it would be 2 weeks...point being, if Amazon can't get it right it's going to be a miracle for anybody else to.

I really am sorry that this didn't work out for you but I just don't think it warrants a boycott...just my opinion