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6'1" Dilemna.. Reg or Long Megalite/Plasma?
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David H
(Amarony) - F - M

Locale: South Dakota
6'1" Dilemna.. Reg or Long Megalite/Plasma? on 03/26/2013 19:16:21 MDT Print View

I'm looking to upgrade to a better 30 degree bag and have to make the choice between a regular size bag or long. I'm looking at either a Marmot Plasma or WM Megalite. But the question is whether the 6' max suggested user height is really the line as to whether you I can sleep in a regular bag comfortably. Right now I have a long-size marmot bag and seem to have plenty of room in there lengthwise, but I'm hesitant to go with a regular size bag.

Anyone out there around 6'1 have any experience with either of these bags in terms of regular versus long?

And I might as well ask, any opinions on which is a better bag? I can get them for about the same price.

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: 6'1" Dilemna.. Reg or Long Megalite/Plasma? on 03/26/2013 19:20:22 MDT Print View

I'm the same height as you and I have never found a regular bag to fit. Like you I have extra space in a Long but the alternative is uncomfortable and less warmth around the toes and head due to compression.

No experience with those two bags per se', but wanted to throw it out there.

Stephen M
(stephenm) - MLife

Locale: Mind your own business
Re: 6'1" Dilemna.. Reg or Long Megalite/Plasma? on 03/26/2013 19:25:55 MDT Print View

I am just shy of 5' 11" and find a regular a good fit, at your height I would definitely go for the longer one.

Lachlan B
(Lachlan24) - F
6'1" Dilemna.. Reg or Long Megalite/Plasma? on 03/26/2013 19:43:10 MDT Print View

I'm 6'1", and have a Marmot Helium in long. I haven't tried one in normal length, but I do not regret getting the extra length at all. I like to be able to snuggle up in my bag in the cold and doubt that would be possible in a regular length.

Depending on how you sleep, you might take up more or less room. I like to stretch out on my back and sleep on my side, so I probably gain a few inches in length stretched out.

Seth Brewer
(Whistler) - MLife

Long on 03/26/2013 20:04:34 MDT Print View

I own the Megalite in long, and have tried the Summerlite in Regular.I'm also 6'1" and like room for my big feet..certainly would be a closer fit in the Regular....If price is the same I'd certainly go Long.

David H
(Amarony) - F - M

Locale: South Dakota
Long it is on 03/26/2013 22:36:17 MDT Print View

Thanks for the insight, as I suspected probably safe to go with a long version. As always, this forum is great for constructive input.

Ken Bennett
(ken_bennett) - F

Locale: southeastern usa
Re: Long it is on 03/27/2013 14:49:56 MDT Print View

Good. I'm 6-1 and the Long Megalite is perfect.

BTW I've been using the Megalite for 8 or 9 years now. It's my favorite bag -- comfortable, warm, not too heavy. I just sent it back to WM over the winter for them to add 2 oz of "overfill" and it came back super puffy. The cost was extremely reasonable, too.