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testing codes
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Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

testing codes on 03/23/2013 19:59:55 MDT Print View

You might find some interesting information about heat flow on the bottom of a pot in this thread over at my website: Heat flow Around a Pot by “Tony”

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


Kevin Burton said:
I have a tiny emberlit wood stove that I use for cooking.
The one issue is that it's highly variable. Some times it will flare up and then I will barely have any fire at all. That and it puts off some ash.

David Chenault BPL Staff – F
I must confess, I sold my bushbuddy because it's a pain to use. Pan frying with a canister stove is a lot more efficient.

Cooking trout over a wood fire?

James, I wanted to point out something that Conrad said about the placement of the silicone band on his Heineken pot. He said it’s below the 2 cup mark that is shown above the star. The cone is located approximately at the center of the Heineken pot. Half the pot is exposed to the air.

Conrad said he gets his best efficiency with the StarLyte at that location. From the bottom of the band to the bottom of the pot is approx. 2.750 and it’s the same to the top of the pot.

Conrad said:
After much experimenting, I found that the band set at the height in the picture resulted in the best boil times using only .5oz of alky. I was getting rolling boils at 9.5mins, and effective burnouts around 12.5 mins (the flame would trickle on until past 14 mins, but it wasn't hot enough to do anything). The key is to leave the lid on and not check it unti you hear it boiling. Premature checking cut down my efficiency a lot and I would only getting bubbling boils before burnout.

 photo 3dd3ae56-ffc7-4633-ac40-efc33b8fceaf_zpscfe944df.jpg

An old saying: A watched pot will never boil.

Conrad pointed this out to us in his statement: The key is to leave the lid on and not check it unti you hear it boiling. Premature checking cut down my efficiency a lot and I would only getting bubbling boils before burnout.

When I had TD make a custom cone for my SS pot the ridgeline was placed below the center of the pot. More than half the pot is exposed and yet my first 3 tests using 1/2 ounce denatured alcohol boil 2 cups. I feel positive that we'll be able to make your Ti pot work in the same way.


 photo esbit8gram_zps330ce6bf.jpg


Caldera Cone and Starlyte stove ---James DeGraaf

Mini Caldera Cone awesomenessness ---jason quick

Caldera Cone and Wood Fires ---yeruski

More on ESBIT efficiency & Epicurian burner Blumensaadt

Trail Designs 12-10 stove question gary dunckel


Here's a youtube video that shows the burner with two 4 gram Esbit. No gooey residue on bottom of pot and very little residue left inside the burner.

8 gram Esbit Burner youtube video

A lid can be used over the burner for storage. A new container on the left holds 11 four gram tablets for storage and transport. Has clear plastic insert in lid.

 photo esbit8gram003_zps68728d1b.jpg


baking on the trail:

adding a bail:

Better Esbit Ti Folding Stove idea:

Pot Support Windscreen: Why Ti Foil over SS Shim Stock?

Titanium Windscreen Design....yeruski's

Caldera Cones - My Adventures in Improving the ULC system Dan Durston


Eric said: How could we guess that Roger C. would opt for a remote canister stove for winter?? ;o)


Locale: Mojave Desert
ESBIT max efficiency stove on 06/07/2013 16:01:27 MDT Reply Report Post Print View

I like to cook with ESBIT because it is lightweight fuel.

** The more efficient the stove the less fuel you have to carry. That's a no-brainer.

> Caldera Cones appear to be the most efficient ESBIT stoves thus far for concentrating heat on the pot bottom as well as reducing heat loss from wind.

> Brian's Backpacking Blog shows how to make a better Gram Cracker fuel tablet holder that holds the liquid residue created when burning ESBIT tabs so it can all burn and extend burn time to about 15 minutes.

> Aluminum pots heat more evenly and rapidly than Ti pots and pots that are wider than they are tall are the most heat efficient.

With these efficiencies one gets the best out of ESBIT - faster boiling time/less heat loss, and longer burn times.

My personal ESBIT solo setup is CC Sidewinder Ti stove, 3 cup aluminum pot and homemade Brian Green design Gram Cracker tab holder.

I post all this boring info because, as my first posts on BPL years ago attest, I have been tinkering with ESBIT for years to get more efficiency. Now I have FINALLY reached "ESBIT Nirvana" - except for the gunk it leaves on pot bottoms, that is. :o)

P.S. Trail Designs includes both a Ti ground sheet (for burning wood) and a much smaller light aluminum sheet for under their Gram Cracker fuel tab holder. Now with the Brian Green improved Gram Cracker tab holder that saves the liquid residue I don't need the ground sheet but still carry the small aluminum sheet "just in case".

Stove Weight -> 1.5 oz. (includes Sidewnder stove,Tyvek stove storage sleeve, modded tab holder, aluminum base sheet)

3 Cup Aluminum Pot & Lid Weight -> 3.9 oz.

Stuff Sack, Plastic Bowl & Cup Weight -> 1.8 oz. (cut-down GLAD 'fridge bowl)

Total ESBIT Cookset Weight -> 7.2 oz.

For 5 to 8 day trips it saves me fuel and I carry less than I would with alcohol, alky stove and the Cone. I like to actually cook, as opposed to merely boiling water, hence the 3 cup pot.

Edited by Danepacker on 06/07/2013 16:24:37 MDT.

I can always boil 2 + cups of water in my 3 cup anodized aluminum pot. I always begin with a full ESBIT tablet and usually manage to save about 1/2 of it so, yes, I can boil with 1/2 tab in the Sidewinder with my Brian Green modded tablet holder.

I have TD's "Open Country" anodized aluminum 3 cup pot.


"Evaluating what stoves to use for what lengths of trips"


Chad Poindexter

The Starlyte & The 12-10

The Starlyte & The 12-10

Chad Poindexter

Introducing the "EsbitLyte" burner.

A new burner has been developed to meet the needs of those wanting to use solid fuels such as Esbit tablets.

In the video I use 2 four gram tablets to show that no gooey residue is left on the bottom of your pot and how little residue is left inside the burner.

A tight fitting cap/lid is provided for when the burner is stored.

A light weight, flexible sheet is provided for placement under the burner during wet or snow conditions. Has a highly reflective surface for radiant heat to be reflected to the burner and pot.

Rim of burner is reinforced to prevent distortion when stored.

Total weight of the 3 pieces is 15 grams.

A simmer can be achieved by partially covering air intake holes.

Place burner 2" from ground to pot bottom.

Cost is $13.50 + $4.00 Shipping and Handling ($10.00 shipping for International Orders)

This is an introductory offer for BPL viewers only. Store site page is visible only to viewers here at BPL.

"EsbitLyte" at

 photo esbit8gram005_zpseaf2c175.jpg


Introducing the "EsbitLyte" burner.


Caldera Cone Distributors in Europe (germany?) (normal trekking equipment) (UL equipment ) (UL equipment) (manufacturer of UL backpacks etc. + Shop)

The Fire Pot starts out as the mug you see on the left. On the right is the finished kit inside a Tyvek stuff sack. Total weight of kit is 220 grams/7.6 ounces

 photo FirePotTiConeSale002_zps44f6d10d.jpg

I begin the modification of the mug by cutting off the handle and adding a modified Light My fire Grandpas Fire fork as the new handle. I also add a heavy duty ridgeline to the side of the pot at the 2 cup level as a place for the pot to be supported by the titanium cone when using the Modified StarLyte Burner when alcohol is used as fuel.

 photo FirePotTiConeSale005_zps1c3adc17.jpg

This is what the pot looks like when resting inside the cone in the alcohol or Esbit burn mode:

 photo FirePotTiConeSale_zpsf4625d9a.jpg

This is what it looks like when the cone is in the wood /twig burn mode with stainless steel cross pot support centered by means of half notches Notches secure the support in all directions.

 photo FirePotTiConeSale016_zpsd9b4ea2d.jpg

A stainless steel fire grate is resting on 2 twigs that will allow central air flow to the vertical stack of twigs. The stack will be top lit. One load of twigs will boil 2 cups of water easily. The stainless steel rings is hand held for use in stacking a load of twigs prior to placing it on the fire grate.

 photo FirePotTiConeSale010_zps4654185f.jpg

Three different types of fuel can be used, wood, alcohol and solid fuel Esbit tablets.

 photo FirePotTiConeSale009_zps458d5549.jpg

A stainless steel ground protection sheet is provided when burning wood;

 photo FirePotTiConeSale008_zpsf4604427.jpg

Tyvek sleeves are provided for storage of the grate, pot support and cone:

 photo FirePotTiConeSale007_zps3f36c38b.jpg

These are all the items contained in the kit:

 photo FirePotTiConeSale017_zps56a6f4d5.jpg

1 – Stainless steel pot , 3-1/2 cup capacity with lid and Fire Fork handle that can be used to roast hot dogs/marshmallows , fish etc. Weight = 3.8 oz/108 grams

1 – Titanium windscreen/pot support. Weight = 0.8 oz/24 grams

1 – Stainless steel ground protection sheet. Weight 0.5 oz./15 grams

1 Stainless steel cross shaped pot support w/cover for the wood burning mode. Weight 0.7 oz/21 grams

1 Stainless steel grate w/cover. Weight 0.2 oz/7 grams

1 Stainless steel twig stacking ring. Weight 0.2 oz/8 grams

1 Modified StarLyte Burner w/lid. Weight 0.5 oz/16 grams

1 – Round tray for burning Esbit. Weight 0.1 oz/5 grams

2 -Tyvek stuff sacks (one for entire kit and one for the Ti cone windscreen/pot support)

Total weight of kit = 7.6 ounces/220 grams

Cost of kit shipped to CONUS only = $79.95


Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

NEW Melchizedek priesthood on 09/10/2013 11:44:46 MDT Reply Report Post Print View

No doubt they felt it necessary to have the powers of the Melchizedek priesthood invoked during such a scary time. They did the right thing, they survived.


 video 2011-09-17235050_zpsbffc79e8.mp4


I created this special StarLyte burner to be used as a "designated" burner for simmering.

Weighs 1/2 ounce and holds 1.250 ounces of fuel in suspension for safe handling.

Burns for 16 minutes on 1/2 ounce of fuel.

Comes with lid.

Special Sale Price for BPL members is $12.00 total cost that includes shipping in CONUS. Sale is for 7 days only.
Use special paypal button at bottom of page that is designated for BPL members.

StarLyte Burner for Simmering

The one on the far right is the one for simmering.
The one in the middle is the modified burner.
The one on the left is the original burner.
 photo seatosumitbowl004_zps2dbe922d.jpg

This is a photobucket video, click on the photo to view video.
 video SimmeringStarLyte_zpsfe37c86f.mp4

Wet Weather Shelter Philosophy


I made them back to back and did one test. 1/2 ounce in each burner. Set it down on a sheet of silicone rubber to seal the bottom "simmer" burner while the regular burner went it's coude through the 1/2 ounce. No vapors were noticed coming from the bottom burner. I tested it occasionall with a lit match touched to the base edge. I tried turning the unit over when the top burner was almost out and whooompfh, the bottom burner lit instantly with a large amount of flame. condensed fuel was on the silicone pad aflame :-) That was a shot of adrenalin :-))))) So, the unit would have to be fueled one at a time.

It took a long time for the bottom burner to heat up to a point of not being able to hold onto for very long. I think I could have had a lid on the bottom burner while the top was boiling water. Blow out the top burner, turn over, remove lid and then light. I'll have to try that tomorrow.

Photobucket video, click on photo to view:

 video backtobackburners_zps40660732.mp4


titanium wood burner



When lighting stove for the first time FIRST fill the reservoir with small pieces of Wax Stix or other solid paraffin wax
After Micro is lit add Wax fuel to the Reservoir as required

1. Remove NOZZLE CAP.Use match or lighter to heat wax on Thermal Element (TE).

2. Move match flame further from the to let air near the TE and it will light.Keep flame on (TE) until it is well lit.

3. When the (TE) is burning, Rotate MICRO in you hand to fully light (TE) on all sides

4. Stand Micro on flat hard fire proof surface Carefully hold NOZZLE CAP from the sides and push it all the way down over reservoir. Make sure wax fuel holes are

5. White wax gas vapor will come out top of Micro. Let the Micro heat up for 30 + seconds then light vapor with another match.

Warning:Do NOT move stove while burning spilled hot wax may burn you.

Do not let water drip into hot RESERVOIR because it maycause flame to
briefly get much bigger (“flash”)

Adventures in Stove Making.

Adventures in Stove making

Adventures In Stove Making

4. Stand Micro on flat hard fire proof surface Carefully hold NOZZLE CAP from the sides and push it all the way down over reservoir. Make sure wax fuel holes are

5. White wax gas vapor will come out top of Micro. Let the Micro heat up for 30 + seconds then light vapor with another match.

Warning:Do NOT move stove while burning spilled hot wax may burn you.

Adventures In DIY Stove Making

Adventures In DIY Stove Making

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


Eric, do you light the cube first and then put the burner over the top of it or can you light the cube through the burner top?

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


A good aluminum pot with bail handle and 5-1/2" diameter bottom is a boyscout type that are available on ebay. they hold 2-1/2 cups. Depth of pot is about 2-1/2"

Adventures In DIY Stove Making

Imusa Mug 10cm Lids

I'm offering these food grade aluminum lids as a introductory offer, limited time only.(1 week)

1 purchase per customer

2 lids for the price of one

1 lid weighs 9 grams (has hardwood maple knob for lifting)

Made of FDA food grade aluminum

Cost for 2 lids is $7.00 + $2.00 shipping

This is a private sale for viewers of BPL

7.00 + 2.00 shipping.

Lids for 10cm Imusa Mugs at Zelphs Stoves

Even if you don't have the mugs now you can always buy them later, so get these lids now while they are on sale (special sale for BPL)

Combined weight of mug and lid is 2.9oz just so you know;) sale is for lids only

 photo 96ff1ae8-d7d2-4e23-b573-75a23a40cd07_zps911132ea.jpg

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


@ yon I also have extensive work done with dry baking and this is even more difficult than just boiling water. Thermal feedback and thermal runaway are one of the biggest issues in designing a windscreen.

Take note what yon said about dry baking being much more difficult than just boiling water. It's so true so we should stick to the user friendly way of just using boiling water to bake wether you use esbit or alcohol for fuel, makes no diff..

Pan Bread and Muffins

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


Take a look at the pots this lid fits. This gives me the impresion that the pots are the same diameter but different in height. Do you think the way I do?

TOAKS Titanium D95mm Lid
Material: Titanium
Total Weight: 0.7 oz
Diameter: 3½" (95mm)
*Notes*: This titanium lid is for TOAKS Titanium 550, 600ml, 750, 800 and 850ml POT.

So if it's true, purchase a cone for the tallest one and then add the stakes to adjust for the shorter pots.

Adventures In DIY Stove Making

I agree in total that the rising hot air is going fast and also agree we have to do all we can to capture the heat given of by a stove. As we have seen in some threads here, a windscreen need not go all the way up to the top edge of the pot.

 photo whirlwind001_zps2d4a0011.jpg

 video WhirlwindWindscreen_zps87f0057c.mp4

Adventures In DIY Stove Making


I'm interested in the green quart cans of El Conquistador Extra Pale Ale. I want to be the first to introduce this can as a ridgeline pot to the backpacing community. Locally I pay $2.00 per can of foster's beer when I purchase 10 cases at a time. My proposal is to pay up front $48.00 for you to purchase a case of 24 cans. You share the bear with your buds while watching football or whatever. I will reimburse you any additional monies you have to pay above and beyond the actual over the counter price. I will pay shipping charges from CA to Illinois. The cans need to be dent/scratch free. If you serve the beer to a group of friends it would be best they not handle them. Empty the beer into glasses or pitcher.



(beer finder)

steve whelehon (hwy395lvr)

(DMATB) -James Cahill


Titanium Windscreen Design


A thread by Delmar O'Donnell promted me to bump this thread up because it has a lot of content that relates to information gathered in his thread. In this thread we can see how shared information improves on a design. The progression of designs has led to the use of louvers to swirl the incoming air to keep the flames centralized and turbulent. as they rise the turbulence is maintained by the ridges in a flat bottomed Foster's can. A photo and video of that windscreen can be seen in Delmar's thread.

Can a plain cylindrical windscreen be the pot support?


cropped photo TitaniumEsbitstove001_zps725eff23.jpg

cropped photo TitaniumEsbitstove001_zps725eff23.jpg

This year I did some testing of esbit and I blew one out and to my surprise I could watch the crystals form. The hot, liquid esbit had tiny bubbles jumping up from the surface of the remaining cube. As it cooled I could watch the crystals form. It was a calm sunny morning and it was a small scientific wonder taking place in front of my eyes. After the esbit cooled I used a toothpick to touch the crystals. They were very fragile, crumbled at a slight touch. After seeing the amount of crystals that can come off I decided to follow John Abelas lead and use the 4 gram tablets (3 per 2 cup boil) and let them burn themselves out with no residue. I don't trust myself to control all those loose crystals. You can put the remaining esbits in a plastic ziplock or flex lid container for storage but not me, the possibility of getting those crystals into my food is too great for comfort. I now use the 4 gram tablets when I feel the urge to do the fishy esbit:-)

cropped1 photo TitaniumEsbitstove001_zps909fc3a7.jpg

Adventures In Stove Making


Baking with a Fosters Caldera Cone and Starlyte with simmer ring



Imusa 10cm Aluminum Mug with Lid

You get 1 Mug and 1 Lid

Lid knob is held on with stainless steel screw
Total weight = 3.0 ounce/85gm
0.7 Qt

Sale Price $7.49 + 2.46 shipping = $9.95 total

Nobody will beat this price!!!!! Nobody :-)

Sale begins today 11/27/13 ( I won't be home to post it tomorrow)

"Happy Thanksgiving" and thank you for being my friends.


 photo bb75de7f-de3b-427b-960b-2e4bd7e62e28_zps105741a1.jpg

Adventures In Stove Making

I came up with a way to make the Caldera Cone 12-10 burner and the StarLyte burner go into a "simmer" mode. Watch the photobucket on the dark looking photo to activate.

It's user friendly and soooooo lightweight. Can even be used as a pot grabber ;-)

It works the same way with the StarLyte burner. Different size hole in the center required for the StarLyte.

 video 12-10andStarLyteSimmer_zpsb2b5cc72.mp4

Adventures In Stove Making


Bentonsport, Iowa: Indian Artifact Museum
Thousands of arrowheads and artifacts, locally collected and exhibited by Tony Sanders, a man who "only eats what he hunts or grows

Indian Artifact Museum

Museum is filled with over 4,000 arrowheads and artifacts that Tony Sanders has found in Southeast Iowa, part of Missouri and Illinois. He has built displays of various wood native to the area. He cuts them with a coping saw in different shapes and sizes, fitting them together in an awesome display. Tony in his late 60s, never married, runs 5 miles a day, has no phone, and only eats what he hunts or grows. He can often find 15 to 20 arrowheads after a big rain.
Tony Sanders Indian Artifacts Museum
While in Bentonsport, be sure to visit Tony Sanders' Indian Artifacts Museum, featuring over 4,000 arrowheads and other tools Sanders has picked up out of creed beds and woodland paths in Van Buren and surrounding counties. Some are more than 10,000 years old. You will also enjoy the stunning manner in which they are displayed as fourteen different types of wood have been used to construct beautiful inlaid wood display cases.

"Official" hours of business are Saturdays and Sundays (after church). And at other times by chance. If Tony is around, he will be glad to open the doors for you to enjoy this spectacular collection. There is no admittance fee. Donations are accepted.

 photo 3-2-62pcpan001_zps03860059.jpg
 photo 3-2-62pcpan002_zps55f6131c.jpg
 photo 3-2-62pcpan003_zpsc2ce6c45.jpg
 photo 3-2-62pcpan004_zps6db8f332.jpg


 video 002_zpsdqcqs7ai.mp4

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