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NeoAir XTherm: too hot?
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todd harper
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: Sunshine State
NeoAir XTherm: too hot? on 03/20/2013 20:55:12 MDT Print View

Will an XTherm be too warm?

Can such highly insulated pads make you too hot? I have never slept on such a highly insulated pad and am wondering if it will make me too hot in moderate or warm temps. While a thick quilt or insulated clothing obviously makes you got in mod/warm temps, I just didn't know.

I assume it wouldn't make things too hot, given that a normal bed mattress has to have a high R-value and doesn't make me too warm in Summer.

Anyone know for sure?


Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: NeoAir XTherm: too hot? on 03/20/2013 21:23:51 MDT Print View

No, you'll be fine.

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
re on 03/20/2013 22:39:29 MDT Print View

I would be worried more about the stickyness of the fabric. The Neo-airs are plastic like, where the Exped UL7 is a soft fabric and would be less sweaty.

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
re: on 03/20/2013 23:28:40 MDT Print View

I've felt too hot in mine, but its easy to vent your sleeping bag or quilt, or even better, partially deflating the pad makes a big difference.

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F - M

Locale: NW Montana
Re: re: on 03/21/2013 02:04:05 MDT Print View

Nope. R-value is the measure of how fast or slow you lose body heat to the ground. Your sleeping pad can't make you warm.

In warmer weather, there will be little difference between the R 3.2 of the XLite and the 5.7 of the XTherm. Functionally they'll be the same because the insulation in both is enough to retain your body heat well.

todd harper
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: Sunshine State
Re: NeoAir XTherm: too hot? on 03/21/2013 05:56:10 MDT Print View

Thanks everyone. Didn't want to plunge w/o confirming my thoughts.

Have a great day!