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Thermarest Sleep Haven versus EE quilt?
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Jeff Howell
(swimming) - F
Thermarest Sleep Haven versus EE quilt? on 03/14/2013 19:03:55 MDT Print View

I am trying to decide what to take on the PCT this summer. I just got the thermarest sleep haven on sale before I realized it didn't get a great review from BL (

I was planning to return it, but I got the bag in the mail and it seems ok. I am not a large person so it's not too hard to get in and out and I think if I sewed up / patched the elastic hole in the back it would be pretty cozy. I am mainly worried about the warmth rating of the bag-- it says it is rated to 20, but I am a cold sleeper and I am worried it will not actually be comfortable to that cold rating.

I was also looking at the EE revelation x quilts, which aren't too much more expensive, and am wondering if anyone alters them to be sleeping bags? I move around a ton in my sleep so I don't think an open quilt would work well, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to sew up the side of the quilt if you got a wide. Of course the downside would be the missing mummy hood...

Any thoughts?

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: Thermarest Sleep Haven versus EE quilt? on 03/14/2013 19:26:44 MDT Print View

I'd say that if a bag is what you want, get a bag instead of forcing a quilt to be a bag. They're different animals altogether.

Tim's quilts are fantastic, and very well made. They're much more versatile than a bag, and when the footbox is zipped up and the extra snaps are connected, the quilt stays put pretty well. They can be used as an "open quilt," but are really good at wrapping around you too.

You say that you move around a you fall off your sleeping pad? If you don't fall off, then you could be fine with a quilt.

But again, if you want a bag, get a bag, not a quilt. That's my opinion at least.

Jeff Howell
(swimming) - F
quilt / bag on 03/14/2013 20:19:31 MDT Print View

I have definitely fallen off my sleeping pad before. I like the idea of a bag because I have a hard time imagining a quilt adequately keeping me warm, especially with moving around so much. The thermarest haven and EE quilt are about $200 cheaper than a western mountaineering sleeping bag while still being similar weight range, otherwise I think i'd just go for an ultralite. I still may end up doing that, but thought I'd at least check out the other options.

John Rowan
(jrowan) - M
Haven vs. EE on 03/14/2013 21:06:21 MDT Print View

I actually have both right now, and I will be keeping the EE and returning the Haven. I'm an active sleeper who ends up off my pad 90% of the time, so I liked the idea of the Haven a lot (plus $170 for a 22oz 20* bag is a pretty decent deal). It works really nicely when you couple it with one of the mummy-sized pads (prolite, etc.), but it loses a lot of its advantages if you're using CCF or something square, since the pads don't integrate as well with the Haven.

The big killer for me was trying to get in and out of the Haven inside of the tent (Contrail, YMMV). I had a really hard time doing it without brushing the walls.

I picked up an EE RevX 20* after that, and I've been happy as a clam. it's a lot easier to deal with, and it gives me the ability to vent a little bit as temps go up.

Depending on your pad/shelter, the Haven could work really well for you, but it's got some decent hassles associated with it.