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Can yall crafty people help me find a pack thread?
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Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
Can yall crafty people help me find a pack thread? on 03/08/2013 02:08:19 MST Print View

Hey fellow adventurers, I was on here a few weeks ago and came across a posting of a beautiful (yellow?) cuben fiber pack that had a (yellow?) Dyneema piece on the center for support/compression. It really inspired me to start thinking up designs for my future MYOG adventures. The fellow "myog'er" who made the pack got into detail about how he sewed the dyneema piece inside out, and even posted pictures to help people visualize how he did it. I have gone back pages and pages, but just cant seem to find it.

Im hoping someone remembers that sweet pack/informative thread, and maybe has it in their post history? I just became a member or else I would have commented on it. I should have thought to bookmark it though:/


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Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
:) on 03/08/2013 04:57:24 MST Print View

Sold to a friend.

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Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Sold/ on 03/08/2013 08:30:20 MST Print View

What is sold to a friend?

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: Re: Sold/ on 03/08/2013 08:53:23 MST Print View

Ha, Anna, I was wondering the same thing.

Also, to the OP, you can't delete a thread yourself. You could maybe ask the mods to do it for you.

James Klein

Locale: Southeast
mispost? on 03/08/2013 09:12:53 MST Print View

I bet he meant to post in this thread:

Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
Ooops on 03/08/2013 15:32:53 MST Print View

Now Im just making things confusing, I was meaning to post that in the ^ thread above:/

Anyway, Does nobody remembers that pack?

Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
:):):) on 03/08/2013 15:36:00 MST Print View

Sold to a friend = WrongThread//

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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Pack on 03/08/2013 15:40:49 MST Print View

Yeah it was one of the first packs Chris Zimmer built, before he started zimmerbuilt. Look through his post history, it should be one of his first few posts.

EDIT: here you go:

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Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Pack on 03/08/2013 15:53:21 MST Print View

Note the second post in that thread. There's a little UL hiking gear history there :)

"Okay, I have a question. When are you going to start taking orders?

Your packs are really sweet. Congrats.

And I'm serious about the taking orders thing. ;-)"

(Joomy) - M
err on 03/08/2013 17:48:20 MST Print View

Strange thread.

(Keeping it alive!)

Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
THANKS KONRAD! on 03/08/2013 19:04:19 MST Print View

Wow, Thanks Konrad! I knew someone on here would know the one I was trying to find and its just as beautiful as I remember:)

ps. I have been reading the forums on here for a few months now and I always enjoy what your have to say in each thread.

Thanks again, Fish.

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