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Variable time
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Variable time on 03/05/2013 15:32:40 MST Print View

I am reading at the moment a book called "The Velocity of Honey" by Jay Ingram
It has to do with "weird physics" or how and why certain everyday events occur.
For example it explains why the buttered side of the toast lands on the carpet (hint :it is the top side that lands face down...) or why crumpled paper takes more room than folded one.
One that has been in my mind for some time is how I (and now I know others...) have an "elastic" concept of time.
For example the first time I do a particular walk it appears to take longer than the next few times.
I also found out that pigeons can sort of "count"...
Talk about bird brain.
Anyway have you experienced the "first time takes longer" part ?

Todd T
(texasbb) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Variable time on 03/05/2013 22:39:11 MST Print View

Hmm. I think it's the opposite for me more often than not. First time it's exciting, everything is new, it's anticipation and revelation. Next time it's more like routine, so it's less interesting, seems longer. Longer still if it's the back of an out and back. (I hate out and backs.)