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Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues?
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Edward Jursek

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/04/2013 13:01:18 MST Print View

I picked up a Zpacks Cloud Kilt on the Gear Swap Forum a few weeks ago. I tried it on this weekend while doing some stairs near my house. The Cloud Kilt has 3 sets of velcro closures; one at the waist line, one mid-thigh, and one at the bottom. I fasted all 3 velcro closures and it seemed to fit well. Walking was fine. Taking stairs one at a time was fine. Taking stairs 2 at time immediately causes the lowest velcro closure to pop open and sometimes the middle velcro closure to pop open as well. Taking anything higher then 2 stairs causes both the lower velcro closure and middle velcro closure to pop open every time. I am 6' tall, 210 lbs. The waist fits nicely, with room to spare, so it looks like a range of motion issue. Have any Cloud Kilt owners had this same problem? Any issues taking large steps over rocks, logs or roots? If so, was it a long term problem? Thanks.

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Jennifer Mitol
(Jenmitol) - M

Locale: In my dreams....
Welcome to womanhood!! on 03/04/2013 13:52:24 MST Print View

Yep...guess what we have to go through to show off our awesome legs for you guys???

Now just add the girdle, the spanks tummy tucker and some hose and you're all set!

Edward Jursek

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Womanhood on 03/04/2013 14:22:46 MST Print View

I am just secure in my manhood, and I usually hike solo . . .

Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: Re: Womanhood on 03/04/2013 15:25:19 MST Print View

I would have to hike solo if I wore a kilt! Its hard enough for me to find other people to hike with much less if I wore something like that. They already think I'm a little off my rocker with my tarp, quilt, and frameless pack. I'm not sure they could handle a tall, scrawny guy in a translucent skirt :D


Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/04/2013 16:04:00 MST Print View

I know of two folks here who wear kilts, but not necessarily cloud kilts. Still, they may be able to shed some light on your question. Try PM'ing either Matthew Perry ( or Evan McCarthy ( Both are helpful guys.

Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Re: Re: Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/04/2013 16:47:08 MST Print View

No experience with a cloud kilt, but you could add a snap as a possible solution. Only adds 1 gram.


zpacks on 03/04/2013 17:01:47 MST Print View

no experience, but I would expect it to be open when taking long strides, or climbing. I would expect the overlap in the rear to spread open and close as necessary, somewhat.

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/04/2013 18:23:36 MST Print View

I think Zpacks are looking at making these a bit more conical in shape, which should help. Mine works fairly well, until I need to take a big step up. I have thought about making the bottom closure stretchy in some way, but haven't come up with a solution yet.

Dale South
(dsouth) - M

Locale: Southeast
RE: Cloud Kilt on 03/04/2013 19:19:24 MST Print View

The Zpacks Cloud Kilt is a rain kilt not a hiking kilt.

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: RE: Cloud Kilt on 03/04/2013 19:27:13 MST Print View

Ha! Yeah- wear shorts under it. lol

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Re: Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/04/2013 19:45:11 MST Print View

I wouldn't necessary call this an issue so much as the way it is designed to work. The Velcro tabs are actually a new feature on the cloudkilts, and has already been mentioned, the cloudkilt is now more conical shaped. The first versions were simply a rectangular shaped piece of cuben fiber with hemmed edges. The top edge had a velcro closure on each end and a piece of shock cord inside the top hem to tighten/cinch the waist up. There was also a loop on the 2 top corners. Now it seems that they have listened to some of the users and made the improvements.

I do wish that the cloudkilt was a bit wider, say as much as 10 - 12 inches, at least towards the bottom. This would allow the bottom edges to stay closed during longer/wider strides, but depending on the stride, may not stay closed for each and every one of them. Also, I would not suggest adding anything that secures the bottom edges together. For those unexpected wide strides, the cloudkilt needs to be able to pull apart/open so the user can do so without resistance, and to lessen strain on the material.

If the one you have is too much trouble, I would suggest to get in touch with Matt and ask them if they can custom make one a bit wider... I have often thought of doing this, but havent't felt like going through the hassle of selling one to buy another... maybe one day I will... :)

Edward Jursek

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Thanks! on 03/04/2013 23:33:46 MST Print View

Adam - Yes, I am going full gear geek this summer by adding the Cloud Kilt. You should see me doing my camp chores on cold mornings wearing my Feathered Friends Rock Wren sleeping bag. If you can think of anything else that would make me look like a bigger dork on the trail let me know, I am willing to try. If only there were a cuben loin cloth . . . I will likely be hiking solo whether I want to or not.

Doug - I will drop those guys a line, thanks.

Chad - Thanks for the thoughtful review and advice. I enjoy your blog for that very reason. I may try out the cuben chaps and sell the one I like the least. I may also discuss a custom CK with a more conical design with the Zpacks folks.

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: Thanks! on 03/04/2013 23:39:51 MST Print View

The thing that makes you look like a bigger dork would be the CCF insulation jacket!

Awesome multiuse- I'm sure it works... just looks dumb.

Whoever has that giant yellow Raku 0F is in the running too!! LOL

Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Re: Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/05/2013 09:21:15 MST Print View


I've had similar problems with kilts.

To keep my the front of my thighs warm in cold, wet, windy weather I currently let my closed cell foam poncho serve double duty. I stuff the front of the poncho into my pants and it hangs down to about the crotch level of my pants.


In the past I've also added extensions that go down the pant legs on each side so the leg is covered to the knee.

I buy extra large pants to accommodate experiments/gear like this even though I would normally wear medium.

I think your willingness to look like a dork/nerd/whatever is a key ingredient to fully exploring gear possibilities. On the positive side I think few people would call the closed cell poncho girly looking.

ed hyatt
(edhyatt) - MLife

Locale: The North
Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/05/2013 13:19:27 MST Print View

What are you doing Friday night ;-) ?

just Justin Whitson
Re: Zpack Cloud Kilt Issues? on 03/05/2013 16:15:55 MST Print View

Hmm, i patterned my Tyvek homewrap Kilt off of a real Wool Kilt, and it secures with two sets of velcro--one on each end. So far, no problems with movements, comfort etc., the only problem is that i was stupid and used the sticky velcro stuff, and in not wanting to gum up my sewing machine, didn't sew it.

Some parts of the velcro have started to come off. I'm going to use some Gorilla glue, and a little tyvek tape to fix it.

If i ever make another, i will only sew non sticky velcro on. Have thought about making a Cuben fabric one, but since the Tyvek one only weights a couple of oz's, not sure the cost would be justified for weight savings--maybe more for long term durability?

Edward Jursek

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Cloud Kilt Issues on 03/05/2013 18:42:25 MST Print View

Jeffs - I think the Raku beats the Rock Wren by a nose in the dork arms race. No pun intended.

Daryl- You are my new gear hero. I did not know there was such a thing as a CCF Poncho! I am intrigued, anyone made one into a poncho/ground sheet yet? I am a sucker for anything multi-use. You are right, the CCF Poncho looks less girly but more sci-fi dork then the Cloud Kilt.

Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Re: Cloud Kilt Issues on 03/05/2013 20:32:26 MST Print View


"anyone made one into a poncho/ground sheet yet"

It's kind of in reverse.

Take any closed cell foam pad, put a hole in the center and it is done. It still serves as a sleep pad. When making the head hole you can leave a flap (or flaps) of foam in the hole so there isn't a hole in the pad when you sleep on it. I didn't do this on the one in the photo.

I've done a lot of experimenting with foam clothing but there is a LOT of room for improvement.

The multi use potential includes sleep pad, insulating coat, rain coat and kilt. To preserve the warmth of these ponchos they need to be enclosed in a windbreaker or raincoat.

I like closed cell foam clothing because it retains most of its insulating value when wet. My clothing is usually wet from either rain or sweat. I've used a closed cell foam float-coat for several years now. I'm trying to replace its 1.5 pounds weight with a lighter myog version.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Re: Cloud Kilt Issues on 03/05/2013 22:10:48 MST Print View

Yeah.... Okay, extra points for thinking outside the box, but the look is kinda "Star Trek VIII, the Wrath of Daryl"

I'm dyin' to know, is that a duct tape helmet?

Edited by dwambaugh on 03/05/2013 22:11:47 MST.

Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Re: Re: Re: Cloud Kilt Issues on 03/06/2013 07:37:54 MST Print View


"is that a duct tape helmet"

Hat (helmet)is made of closed cell foam held together by, yes, duct tape.