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8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa
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Ian B.

Locale: PNW
8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa on 03/01/2013 13:58:41 MST Print View

I was on a whirlwind tour of REI the other day and didn't have enough time to check these out. For those who carry a second pair of shoes for water crossings or camp shoes, this may be worth considering based on their advertised specs. Definitely better than my 16oz Tevas which I haven't replaced yet.

Obviously unnecessary luxury weight but interesting (to me) none the less. Thoughts or experiences with the Signas?

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
VFF on 03/01/2013 14:32:22 MST Print View

I don't use dedicated water crossing or camp shoes, but if I did VFF would not be on my list of candidates

They are difficult and time consuming to put on. At least mine were on my feet.

And I like to put on warm socks in camp. Can't do that with VFF.

I cringe at the thought of trying to put on VFF when nature calls in the middle of the night.

Angus A.
(mangus7175) - F

Re: 8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa on 03/01/2013 14:40:02 MST Print View

Have you looked at these?

The weights appear comparable...

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: 8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa on 03/01/2013 14:57:45 MST Print View

I haven't purchased a pair yet so it is good to know that there is some time involved putting them on.

The vivobarefoot wasn't on my radar but I like the idea of it better than the Vibram Signas. Thanks for sharing that.

I will eventually get rid of the water shoe altogether once I've made a final decision on a quick drying trail shoe but I will always want a shoe similar to this when Kayaking or on fishing trips where I'll be wading quite a bit.

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: Re: Re: 8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa on 03/01/2013 15:01:31 MST Print View

VFF will also let a lot of debris in that gets trapped in the shoe when wading.

Mark Andrews
(buldogge) - F

Locale: Midwest
Vivos... on 03/01/2013 15:51:03 MST Print View

I use the Vivobarefoots...I have Ultras, but I generally remove the inners which = Pures.

Sz. 45s, 3.7oz/each.

-Mark in St. Louis

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
by the shoe, or the pair? on 03/02/2013 09:23:45 MST Print View

Are those weights by the pair? I know Keen lists shoes, including their new lightened water sandals, by the one. So, the news Keens are just over a pound per set.

The Vibrams sure look like they'll pack down small, though! I'm not in the market, but the cool-factor of those shoes will have some of my Scouts shelling out the big bucks for them.

I'll stick with my "between 6 and 11 ounce" camp shoes, which I use for everything outside of hiking with the pack on.

Walmart Croc-offs
10.4 oz for the Size 13's, 6.4oz for the 6.5's. Under ten bucks at Walmart, and they're VEGAN. :) Super comfortable, waterproof, work great with socks and don't stink.

Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Vibram FF on 03/03/2013 08:41:59 MST Print View

I've been wearing Vibram FF's for a little over a month now. I love them. I can put them on in the dark in under 30 seconds, because my toes got stronger so now I can splay them at will. I also wear merino wool toe socks, and I like the toe socks so much, I wear them all the time now to prevent blisters.

I am planning on carrying a pair of EL-X Vibrams when I start hiking again in the spring. Not just for water crossings and camp, but also to stretch my feet out sometimes. Walking a half-mile in them is often wonderful, especially in the morning.

Ian B.

Locale: PNW
Re: by the shoe, or the pair? on 03/03/2013 15:27:12 MST Print View

Hello Erik,

Vibram advertises them as <8oz per size 43 pair.

Greetings Max,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with them. I thought my no name aqua sock knockoffs seemed light when i looked at them at the store but was surprised when I put them on the scale at home (14-16oz if memory serves/too lazy to dig them out of my kayak.) At some point I'll need to buy a pair just to see what the hubbub is all about but the vivobarefoot have really piqued my interest.

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Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

3.5oz each on 03/03/2013 18:28:58 MST Print View

I tried Vivobarefoot. I wanted to love them. The ones without lugs were so flat on top, my tall feet couldn't fit. The ones with lugs felt great in height, but the lugs dug into my feet on the bottom. Neither worked great, so all were sent back.

The Vibrams I have with lugs are the Treksports. I can walk on pavement or trail and I don't notice. Today, I ordered a pair of EL-X and those are, I believe, the lightest ones yet at 7oz for the pair. The pair.

Tyler N

Locale: Vuur-Gin-Yaa!
Re: 8oz Camp/Water Shoe Option / Vibram Five Finger Signa on 01/30/2014 13:14:47 MST Print View

A lil late, but I've had a lot of experience w/the Vibrams...
The Signas are my go-to hot weather amphibious shoe. Spent most of last summer at beach, boardwalk & street & they're great. Like all Vibram 5-finger shoes, please go easy about adapting your body + muscles. The Signas especially are super-thin and have absolutely no ability to absorb shock; unless your feet have been conditioned you could really mess yourself up! This effect becomes very obvious on pavement.
With that said, I liked the Signas so much I got 2(!) extra pairs; keep 1 in the car. The Maiori (13.06oz) is more insulated & better for activities that involve constant submersion (I'm using them for pakrafting) and they are AMAZING on colder beaches. The Maiori is unmatched at keeping sand out due to the neoprene cuff + snug wetsuit-fit. With both these styles I'm set for the water. I think these are ideal for many circumstances, the only caveat being muscular adaptation to the minimalist fit. The SIgnas are better for warmer, in&out activities; the Maiori for watersports.
BTW - For both Signas + Maioris the sole grip is unlike anything I've had. These shoes squeak to a stop on wet logs littering the nearby coast - no exaggeration. This is enhanced with the increased sensitivity and balance provided by the minimalist style.

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