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"The Finest Down Parka Ever" (Patagonia)
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Dylan Fish

Locale: Moon
ThePatagoniaBreach, coming to a theater near you. on 03/07/2013 02:30:04 MST Print View

Babak, I'ts mind boggling that the person you spoke to on the live chat thought it was alright to sell you Patagonia's "secret weapon", you would think it would be locked away from the employees in a "highly classified" locker. Haha. Any idea what made him spill the beans?

What a surreal story. Enjoy your "free" jacket while I try and stop drooling:)

Martin RJ Carpenter
(MartinCarpenter) - F
'Uneven' down distribution on 03/07/2013 04:46:21 MST Print View

Isn't that relatively likely to be deliberate? I know that its one thing that say PHD do and I have a vague impression that its relatively common when people are taking real care.

There's certain places where you just don't need as much fill so you put less there etc. It might only be noticeably visible in a couple of places but it probably varies in quite a few.

Obviously it costs money upfront in design and manufacture but for this price they certainly should be able to afford that......

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: 'Uneven' down distribution on 03/07/2013 05:35:09 MST Print View

It is likely that the same worker filled the two jackets mention in this thread. It may be that those areas were harder to access in the process, of the line foreman was being nasty that day and the worker got even. Stranger yet, it made it by QC.

It doesn't make sense that the right side is different from the left. Ifcyouvtold me it was symmetrically lighter under the arms, I could see it as a design feature. It sounds flaky to me.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: ThePatagoniaBreach on 03/07/2013 05:48:57 MST Print View

The jacket had to be in the computer system and assigned a SKU number in a web based sales organization like that. Perhaps it was assigned some sort of VIP status that the salesperson could override or access. Savvy salespeople know their inventory and that jacket had to stand out like a sore thumb. Maybe they had a memo or a meeting and talked it up. Or somebody screwed up and put the item online before the official release date, or maybe it wasn't a screwup.

I see a big ticket item, a commission and a hungry salesperson all in the same place. If the organization is too number oriented, some sales folk (and/or their managers) will do funny things to make big numbers. Been there and had to clean up the messes.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Re: "The Finest Down Parka Ever" (Patagonia) on 03/07/2013 06:45:04 MST Print View


George Costanza was rocking "The Finest Down Parka Ever' long before Babak, or anyone for that matter.


jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: Re: Re: Exceeding my expectations on 03/07/2013 08:51:19 MST Print View

So you didn't have to pay for it Babak?

How funny. Nice way to take advantage of opportunity in mindless beauracracy.

Babak Sakaki
(persianpunisher) - F
Things like this happen often on 03/07/2013 09:19:40 MST Print View

I college worked for several retailers- one of which being (where I was a LiveHelp gear head) and I can tell you that there is A LOT lost in communication between the higher ups and the sales folks.

I actually chatted with 3 different sales people who all confirmed that the jacket was "for sale" in their system but didn't have any more information other than the color, price and that it was made with "special 1000FP down".

My guess: Patagonia kept this so under wraps that they didn't tell the sales folk st the bottom all of the details (big mistake IMO) and that SOMEONE ELSE made it "live" in their inventory.

Also part of my deal with Patagonia was to assure me that no one was fired from their company as a result of this- I have their written assurance in an email. It's the employee's fault- I blame the company for "keeping everyone in the dark".

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
right side on 03/07/2013 11:04:46 MST Print View

obviously the right side of the highly skilled alpinists for which this jacket is meant for has more natural body fat than the left side ... and as such requires less insulation ...

thats what happens when you live on an alpine marmot diet ...

it has to be a design feature because there is no way that a top notch manufacturer would have quality control issues on their 700$ flagship uber down parka .... not joking ...

but then um just being elitist ;)

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: right side on 03/07/2013 12:24:41 MST Print View

"but then um just being elitist..."

Kidding aside, I did some searches on the Patagonia site and was surprised to see how many $500 and $600 items they make. The jump to $700 is just an increment. I've been mucking around in the proletarian $100-$200 stuff and thought that was spendy!

Where this gets me is that there are people in dire straights, let alone groups like Scouts that could outfit a bunch of kids for what these jackets cost. And I do think the feature set is more fashion than function. Poor old Henry Thoreau is sittin' on a cloud and shaking his head, thinking, "I warned you about this in 1854!"

Mike R
(redpoint) - F

Locale: British Columbia
Re: Re: Exceeding my expectations on 03/07/2013 15:04:09 MST Print View

"Babak, somwhow I feel you side with Patagonia???????.
No trolling intended, but who spends that amount on a down jacket????????????
ludicrous to pay more that$400 for a baffled parka.
I paid $800 to have Polar Bear pants sewn, so compare.
Marketing hype. Nice parka - wayyyyyy too expensive"

Sure it's expensive, but so are other super warm down jackets. The Feathered Friends Rock & Ice parka is almost $150 more. I have no idea how they compare warmth wise. Fact is, high quality outdoor weather protection designed for extremes is expensive. Don't even consider looking at what a MUSTO offshore sailing jacket costs. That said, I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of belaying going on in this jacket. I think most of these jackets will end-up on urbanites walking around Manhattan, Vancouver, Vail, Whistler etc. not on people pushing the limits on big mountains. Most of the professional climbers and skiers only wear this stuff b/c it's given to them so that Patagonia can say - "hey Steve House wears our gear..." The true cost is associated with the exclusiveness of this jacket, the serial numbers, the new technology, the 1000 FP claims.

Patagonia didn't pump big cash into this jacket to just make it once. They'll probably have Encapsil tech in all their down garments by 2014.

...And if you guys think Patagonia is expensive, look at Arc'teryx. Many of their insulated jackets exceed the price of Patagonia's Encapsil and they use synthetic ins.

Edited by redpoint on 03/07/2013 15:11:13 MST.

Adam Klagsbrun
(klags) - MLife

Locale: Northeast US
Great story, where's the real life review? on 09/17/2013 15:41:44 MDT Print View

I just read all the posts and threads about the jacket. Now how about some performance reviews or field reviews? Seem people are more interested in balking at the price... We aren't all rich here, but $700 to have a garment "like new" for the rest of your life sounds like a bargain to me. I see clothes regularly priced at $700 every day in stores. Shit most jeans you see on TV cost about $250 these days. Judgements aside, why would you attack Babek about what he spent here? That's bad form. You come across as petty and jealous, at best. People are at different income levels. Let's try not to get into pissing matches about that and keep the posts about what matters - performance. Of which I found... NONE. Is there a review on the site that I haven't seen? And no I don't mean the unboxing video...

Stephen M
(stephenm) - MLife

Locale: Mind your own business
Re: Great story, where's the real life review? on 09/17/2013 16:29:22 MDT Print View

No review on bpl yet, but outdoorgearlab has one, its also sold out in most sizes.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
collectors item on 09/17/2013 16:39:22 MDT Print View

its a "collectors item" ... it should be sitting in the closet being used for the occasional dawg walking for most of the purchasers i would imagine

i assume theyve fixed the issue with the uneven filling


Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
For Eric Chan ;o) on 09/17/2013 16:45:36 MDT Print View

There is a saying Eric,

"To be exclusive one must exclude."

I guess that applies in spades to the Patagucci $700. down jacket. It sure as hell excludes me since I just spent more than twice that for a competition rifle scope. I'm SO broke now that I even use coupons when shopping for groceries and THAT is humiliating for a manly and masculine man such as moi.

david delabaere

Locale: Northern VA
Found one on 01/03/2014 15:38:25 MST Print View

Okay, so my local outdoor store has one.
What everyone said about it at first touch is spot on.
I am impressed at how freaking solid it feels, the down won't compress without effort.
I felt like going to sleep like I was in a cocoon.
It fits me perfectly and I could layer a softshell underneath.

The bad news, it fits me, it's number 337 (okay so it lacks a 1), I have about 3/5 of the price in store gift cards whih I can get at a slight discount through the local outdoors organisation if I want more, and if I ever got itI'd be afraid of using (got trips planned in the alps and maybe the adirondacks in the next few months, so please tell me it wouldn't be useful there !).

For that steep a price, I'd have to view the patagonia satisfaction guarantee and warranty as well as the free washing as insurance.