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Srping trip to GSMNP 6 days 5 nights
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Eric Graves
(Elgraves) - MLife

Locale: Middle of TN
Srping trip to GSMNP 6 days 5 nights on 03/01/2013 03:28:58 MST Print View

This is my first posting of my gear list. I have gotten on this forum and it has helped me out a lot. All the weights are in oz. According to the Gram Weenie application on my iPad the total pack weight is 19.58 lbs. what are your thoughts and tips to shave a little weight off. Thanks in advance.

All items in oz.
Borah Stealth,13.8

Guy Lines,2.0
Stakes And Bag,3.7
Borah Gear Tarp,9.1
Poncho /Groundsheet,5.0

Neo Air,12.5
Zpacks 30,15.8
Zpacks down hood,1.3

Platypus 1.0 Liter,1.0
GSI Pot with Cat Can Stove,7.8
Platypus 2 Liter,3.0

Wind Jacket,5.3
Ex Officio Boxers,3.2
Tan Long Smartwool Socks,2.4
Wool Buff,1.7
REI Long Underwear Bottoms,8.0
Rain Chaps,1.9
Nano Puff,11.2

Fresh Wipes,4.5,
50ft Rope,3.6
Ditty Sack,0.5
1oz Dr. Brommers,1.4
Repair Kit,0.8
Mini Bic,0.3

Brown REI Hat,1.1
REI Long Sleeve Shirt,7.8
Brown REI Pants,14.3
Brooks Trail Runners,26

Alcohol Fuel,17.6

PS for those using an iPad I recommend getting the gram weenie app. It helped me out a lot.

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Reggie Garrett
(regarrett) - M

Locale: Lost in the mountains
Gear List on 03/01/2013 05:12:09 MST Print View

Looks good to me... But, I would reduce the Dr. Bronner's and the Purell. Yeah, it saves only a bit but it's the thought that counts.
WHen I'm on the trail for 7 days, I take 1 oz of hand sanitizer and between .25 and .5 oz of Dr. Bronner's. 1 drop'll do you for everything you need.


Enjoy the trip!

Jason Mahler
(jrmahler) - MLife

Locale: Michigan
Rope on 03/01/2013 05:35:34 MST Print View

You could cut a couple ounces for ~$12 by getting some lighter rope. Small stuff though, overall it looks great and I may steal a couple of ideas.

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
Re on 03/01/2013 06:30:28 MST Print View

You can save half a pound by replacing your guylines with litetrail gline, as well as the 50 ft. Also Ditch the trowel.

Ken Bennett
(ken_bennett) - F

Locale: southeastern usa
Re: Re on 03/01/2013 13:18:59 MST Print View

Bring a snow stake instead of a trowel - works almost as well and can be used as a spare tent stake. ~1 oz.

Given the nature of Eastern trails it's often necessary to use a tool to dig a large enough cathole.

spring on 03/01/2013 18:08:23 MST Print View

What is your definition of spring?

The smokies can still get snow in May.
Need to be prepared for almost anything up till end of May.
April can see very cold temps and snow.
I think you need more insulation, a puffy etc if you will hit the high elevations. In the low country you wont have issues.

Edited by livingontheroad on 03/01/2013 18:13:07 MST.

Eric Graves
(Elgraves) - MLife

Locale: Middle of TN
Re Spring on 03/01/2013 19:08:19 MST Print View

I'll be going the second week in April. I've got the Patagonia Nano puff that keeps me pretty warm with all the other stuff on. I've also got a wool hat and gainer that I could throw in there if the temps look like the might dip down. As far as sleeping at night I think I'm only at a higher elevation for one or two nights.

Early April on 03/01/2013 20:01:39 MST Print View

You could have beautiful sunny mild days, a week of dreary cold rain, a 18" dump of snow that strands you, or overnight temps that plummet to single digits in early April at the higher elevations. Just have to be prepared for it all, keep an eye on the forecast before you head out. Never hurts to carry extra insulation, food, and fuel if there is any question at all about the weather forecast.